Community First! An Inspirational Program

We recently were given the opportunity to visit Community First, a program that gives the chronically homeless a second chance at life through tiny home design. For 14 years the founders have run food trucks that give food to homeless/poor people on the streets of Austin, and 9 years ago they had the idea of getting some land tat they could put tiny homes, trailers, RVs and tents for the chronically homeless to live in.In August they were finally able to buy a 27 acre property that they are now developing to create a sustainable environment; a community that can help lift people off the streets. The inhabitants are put to work on community gardens and building projects, including the building/renovation of homes and trailer and re-purposing old materials for new uses (like turning old doors and chairs into benches). They also manage micro businesses, such as ice cream and snack carts, help create community meals using the produce they grow on their land and the animals they raise (rabbits, chickens, and tilapia that are raised in a self sustaining aquaponic pond). Just like us (project VENTURA) they are raising money on kick starter, and have reached the halfway point to their goal of $6 million. 

Here’s their website, you should visit it:

-Jordan Reed, Green Glamping Girls


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