Community First – Kaiyla Washington

Community first is a non profit organization ran by Allen his mission and purpose of community first is to physically and emotionally help homeless people get back in tact with the earth and to human society. Nine years ago the community first organization had a dream to bring up a community to help the life of homeless people who have come from broken family.  They believe that they can take an old person and make them a new person. Allen and others have been working with others for over 14 years. Now they have come up with an idea to build an 27 acre master plant community that can house about  200  people , the community will be made up of RV’s, Tiny houses and mobile homes. In addition to all of that they will also have a church, garden, workshop and medical facility for all who live in the community to use.

  Unique aspects about community first is the process that goes into living in their manmade community no one in the community can be a rapist or have a very violent past  making sure that everyone who will have the opportunity to live their will be as safe as possible and another unique thing is that they grow their own food and have many chickens to lay eggs so they do not have to waste money trying to buy eggs. The coolest thing that I learned from the whole trip was how they took  all of this old recycled wood and chairs and made new furniture and sheds that can be used and sold to make a profit. They basically took nothing and made it into money which I personally think is cool.

Some ideas that popped into my head during the tour was that at community first they had a rabbit that would make compost they had a ben under where she would poop  and they also had worms in there to make better compost and i just thought that we could incorporate that into project Ventura if the trailer was to have plants we could make a composting similar to that but you could have any pet that you wanted contribute their waste to the compost bin. Community first relates to our school mission statement because they are solving problems creatively and ethically in support of the global community by giving these homeless  people a second chance at life.


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