Community First by Cristina Hernandez


A lay out of how the 27 acres would be used as.


Steven Hebbard

Our engineering class went on the Community First tour. Where I learned many things. The main thing that I learned and will forever remember is that homelessness is mainly caused by broken families. Another thing I learned from one of the volunteers (Steven Hebbard) is that rabbits feces fertilize soil. Lastly I got to listen and learn about Mobile Loaves and Fishes main goals which are to create a community that cares about who we are as a person, and create a 27 acre community basically a village for the homeless where there is a church, a garden and a medical center. Where they would restore trailers and build new houses. Then put them together in the 27 acres and create a community with chronically homeless only.


A restored trailer


Some of the people that have already been helped by Community First


Definition of a home

We got to visit some of the homes and the garden that they had on site, the picture with the definition of home caught my attention very much I feel like it is a great explanation of what a home is all about. Lastly don’t forget to visit their website


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