The Great Gaby Takes on Project Ventura- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Me standing on the airstream, taking in the sunshine.

Me standing on the airstream, taking in the sunshine.

Hello all who might be reading this, my name is Gabriela Ponce, but you can call me Gaby. I am currently a sophomore at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders (ARS)! I chose to be in the Engineering pathway at ARS because it was the pathway that was most appealing to me. You see I don’t much enjoy dissecting things and talking about the human body, so Biomed was automatically out of the question. That just left Engineering and Media Tech, but my heart was leaning towards Engineering because I enjoy the whole designing aspect of it. If it hadn’t been for 6th grade STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) I might have signed up for Media Tech, so thanks Mr. Murray! All in all, go Engineering!

My favorite field of engineering would have to be mechanical engineering because it involves designing and building mechanical devices, and I’ve kind of always thought that it would be the coolest thing on earth to be able to fix cars. In my head if I went to college and majored in mechanical engineering I would probably become a mechanic. But what I really want to do is go to college and major in architecture and minor in mechanical engineering. I’m still not sure how I’m going to get into the whole architecture or engineering field since I don’t really enjoy math or science… I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

The airstream exterior.

The airstream exterior.

I’m currently having mixed feelings about Project Ventura. I’m excited to design the airstream aesthetically and to brainstorm different energy sources for the airstream, but dealing with the wiring of the airstream and how the energy source will function within the airstream worries me a bit. When I saw the airstream in real life for the first time this past week I had this feeling of “POE (Principles of Engineering) just got real”, there’s lot of work that needed to be done but I’m ready for it!

I’m also pretty excited to start fundraising for Project Ventura. I don’t know how to explain my feeling towards fundraising, in simple words I love fundraising. It’s fun. FUNdraising. Anyways, I can already tell that my design team is going to rock this project! I’m usually not excited about working in groups, but since this is a year long project and not one of those 2 week projects where everyone decides to finish their part of the project the morning it’s due, I think that this group project will work out awesomely.

The interior of the airstream in all its glory.

The interior of the airstream in all its glory.

Project Ventura seems like it will be tough, but it will be definitely worth the struggle. I know I’m not alone in this project and that’s what’s keeping me going! I have my whole Principles of Engineering class to help me along the way. My group, Dream Designers, makes me feel secure and as though I am never alone in anything. They help me with my struggles (and believe me there have been struggles… Google Sketch-Up… enough said) and I know that we will all share in the great accomplishment of not just completing this project but totally DOMINATING it next semester!


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