The Start of Something Beautiful- Ally Reznicek, Bel Floratine Custom Design

Hello fellow Streamers!  My name is Ally and I am a part of Bel Floratine Custom Designs and we are working on a new project that we think the whole world should know about!

This was taken when we first got an inside look at the airstream

This was taken when we first got an inside look at the airstream

Many people ask why we named our company “Bel Floratine” if that is neither one of our names.  In response, we tell them it is not one, but all three of our names; Bel from Mabel, Flora from Flora and tine from Christine.  Like I said before, we are very creative.

Before I begin to tell you about the start of this beautiful creation, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been attending the Ann Richards School for 5 years, and before that I graduated from Casis Elementary School.  When I began high school, there was no doubt that I would pursue engineering as a career, or at least as an elective.  My dad and his dad, my grandfather are both very “hands on” people.  My dad is a chemical engineer and my grandfather is an architect.  They both graduated from the University of Texas, Austin, which has a very well known engineering program as well.  I am, however, interested in mechanical engineering because it involves the most “action” in my opinion.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.” -James A. Michener.  This is what I want to do with my life.

Moving on to project VENTURA, it is finally a go!  After years of waiting what it would be like to build something on a greater scale, it has finally arrived!  The most anticipated aspect of VENTURA is the fact that it is very “hands on” and we will literally be able to renovate an airstream.  The only part that worries me is the deadline.  There is still a project left over from last year that is still incomplete, which hopefully will not happen to our airstream.

I bet these walls could tell stories

If these walls could tell stories…

Basically, our goal for project VENTURA is to renovate our used airstream travel trailer into a teacher’s lounge because the Ann Richards School does not currently have one.  As with any project, Bel Floratine Custom Designs will come up with many different ideas and choose only the best to turn into reality.  Every founder of this company is very creative and innovative.  Meredith Mabel Oldham, Miranda Flora Toy, and Ally Christine Reznicek will dedicate their time and knowledge to project VENTURA and guarantee satisfaction.

Project VENTURA is a very interesting project to me because my family and I own recreational vehicles and use them frequently on student holidays.  Although we do not have an airstream, I still had a lot of knowledge about travel trailers prior to this project.  We have a 2008 Jayco Eagle Series.  Although when we were looking for a new camper, we did consider an airstream.  Airstreams are durable and vehicle efficient trailers that are well known for their aluminum colored siding.  The main reason for not purchasing one was because they did not have any slides.  Because of our large family, we needed a slide to fit us all in comfortably, offering us more elbow room.

So excited!!!

So excited!!!

I am so excited to start working on this trailer!  The sooner we finish the prep, the sooner we can start building!  I can’t wait!


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