And So the “Struggle” Begins! Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm


BEHOLD! The Airstream Trailer! :3

Hello, world!  My name is Alexandra Triampol, and I’m a sophomore at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders!  I’m sure this is pretty self-explanatory, but I’m in the engineering pathway.  I chose this pathway because I really like hands on activities and just creating stuff!  It was a hard choice between this and Media Technology, because Media had a year dedicated to animation, but it was for only one year, so I chose engineering instead.  When I go off to college in a few years, I hope to pursue computer engineering or just designing computer software.


Mrs. Jo did say there were wasps nest before she gutted the trailer… o.O
*Don’t worry. There’s not gonna be crazy wasps coming after us…I hope.*

Working with the Airstream trailer is going to be…interesting.  It’s a pretty old trailer from the ‘70s.  Airstreams are meant to be pretty durable and withstand anything.  Mrs. Jo, my teacher, gutted out the trailer so it’s pretty empty.  It’s kind cozy in it… in an odd sort of way…  Here’s a picture of what it looks like.  It’s pretty big, but then again, I’m really short so everything is big!  Hahaha…. >.>  These are the exterior measurements.  It’s 27’ 6” X 7’ 10” X 7’ 7”.  The interior measurements aren’t all that different.  It’s 27’ 2” X 7’ 10” X 6’ 8”.  The creator of the Airstream, Wally Byam, lived by a set of “rules” he made called, “The Four Freedoms.”  They’re basically saying you should go see the world, don’t be restricted by your age (whatever it may be), gain knowledge by traveling, and just have fun!

I can already see that Ventura is going to take a lot of energy out of us.  There’s gonna be a lot of time management needed for this project.  That’s not a biggie for me.  I’m pretty good at remembering deadlines and keeping track of what needs to be done.  I’m actually not that worried about the project.  I’m sure I will be as time goes on, but basically, I’m pretty hyped about this.  I’ve never done a project like this that needed so much planning.  I can’t wait to see all the hard work come together and create something from almost nothing.

Despite all that, I’m really excited for the Ventura Project!  I can’t wait to actually build stuff to put inside of the Airstream trailer.  But first we have to go interview teachers, then plan out the interior, etc…  I’m just ready to be done with planning so far, but my group and I have a long way to go before we can start building.  We’ll do that around the spring/summer time.  Speaking of my group, I’m a part of the M.A.A.T. Design Firm team!  Came up with the name myself. 🙂  It’s a pretty cool name.  It means, “Mechanical Automotive Airstream Trailers.”  The cool thing about it as well, is that the first three letters are the initials of my group members, Maya, Abby, and myself (Alex).


Mah Asian buddy, Maya on the right! We were measuring the trailer with the measuring tape. Oh, the struggle to fight against the temptation to just pull all the tape out and run around with it…

It’s kind of funny actually… My group members and myself are the people that rarely like to work with other people.  If we could do a project alone or with a partner, we’d choose to be by ourselves.  It might be a trust issue thing or maybe bad past issues with working with groups.  Either way, I totally trust my group members.  I know for a fact that even though we are individualists, we will come together and create something awesome.  Anyway, I think I have a pretty good group.  We think logically, but outside of the box, work hard, and just have fun!


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