From Daunting to Inspiring: The Project Ventura Kickoff -Emma Foster, Fosheimer and Filles Fabrications

As a kid, I never would have thought that I would be an engineer. Science was boring for me, and, although I was good at math, I never really liked it either. When I came to Ann Richards and participated in PLTW and STEM classes in middle school, however, I was hooked. I loved to work with people to create something, and seeing the end product of an engineering project was so cool. I discovered that I really like learning how things work and creating things. Thus, I put Introduction to Engineering on my choice sheet for my freshman year at ARS.

My house project creation on Google Sketchup

My house project creation on Google Sketchup

Although there are several types of engineering and I haven’t looked into every one, civil engineering interests me the most right now. I enjoyed physics, and I like to work with things that directly affect the way people live and interact with one another. Creating bridges and buildings would definitely do so. I’m also pretty interested in architecture, because I love drawing and drafting things on Google Sketchup.

When I first heard about Project Ventura, I have to admit, I was (at least) a bit daunted. The cornerstone project is a huge project that spans throughout the whole year, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to partake in such a challenge. Presenting it to a panel of professional judges is even more apprehensive to me, because I’m a bit shy and have trouble explaining myself sometimes. I saw the girls last year struggle through it, but ultimately coming out of the experience victorious. Could I possibly be as perserverant as them?

Getting my team for this project decreased my unease significantly. Although there is only two of us, I have faith that the Fosheimer and Filles Fabrications will take this airstream by storm! Gus and I work very well together, in addition to being good friends. I’m also really excited to interview my teachers, for whom we are going to create a teacher’s lounge out of an old airstream. I love all my teachers, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about this project.

Fosheimer and Filles Fabrications: Gus D. and Emma F.

Fosheimer and Filles Fabrications: Gus D. and Emma F.

The arrival of the airstream was what really pumped me up about Project Ventura. Learning about the design and the principles behind them in engineering class got me interested, but seeing the blank slate in which our team is going to create got me excited for the possibilities. Speculations ran through my head: What if the kitchenette was here? Where would be a good spot for teachers to have meetings? To drink coffee? What about a garden?

The airstream interior

The airstream interior

Airstreams have a special place in my heart. They are the epitome of the type of the design I want to do: they enrich peoples lives, save energy and resources, and are well crafted. My mom is obsessed with airstreams, and I think I may be soon as well. Wally Byam’s focus on people and how creating a mobile home will help them to travel, know, and save more really inspired me.

It seems like the more I learn about this project, the more I like it. Getting to work with clients to make something that will be put to good use, while helping to save the earth? That sounds quite appealing.


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