Enthusiastic, Vigorous, Mildly Violent Attack of Project VENTURA

Hello Project VENTURA friends! My name is Gus Dexheimer and I am a working member of the Fo’shiemer and Filles Fabrications group!


Here I am flinging my arms wide, as I leak enthusiasm for the large metal object in the background.

I have spent around the past 1,550 days as a student at The Ann Richards School. Upon my entrance to Ann Richards, I was not very excited or enthusiastic about math and science and their combined excitement: engineering. I was rather scared of the idea. But, in sixth grade STEM, my fear was faced. I spent that year forming a love hate relationship with the field, and emerged with a new-found curiosity.

My relationship with the world of engineering has remained somewhat love/hate, (arguably more love) and I still find myself amazed by the whole idea of inventing and design and the fact that I get to learn such crazy, futuristic things. What led me to the engineering pathway at Ann Richards was this combined amazement and the idea that I could train my brain to be more inventive…that and the wonderful teachers that I knew to be associated with the pathway.


This is the inside of our trailer. It’s particularly nasty right now, which is good because it serves as a constant reminder of what our project is.

As for Project VENTURA, I am most excited about the building and   construction portion, working with my (BEST EVER) team, and the feeling that I hope to have when I see the finished trailer. After this year, I’ll be at Ann Richards for another two years, and I love the idea of looking out the window to see my engineering class’s beautiful trailer baby.


This is our beautiful trailer, which reminds me of a very nice whale. I think we should name him.

I am quite nervous about the organization, time management and electricity and electric wiring unit of the project. I am confident that my partner (more on her later) will be very useful in the organization tactics, but we were both in a year-long engineering after-school project last year, and I was surprised by how many tiny details kept getting in the way of our progress as a team.  However, since Ms. Jo has done this before and knows what she’s doing, I am not wildly concerned. I am wildly concerned about the electricity part. Electricity is not my forte. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that millions of tiny electrons are running around at top speed in mass chaos and they produce light and other energetic things. But I’m already on better terms with electricity this year than I have been in the past and conquering it will be a really useful learning experience.

I’m also looking forward to working on an Airstream. I think it would be really amazing, aesthetically speaking, to embrace the Airsteam’s retro history and work on a beautiful, vintage-looking interior design. Oh! That’s another part of the project that I’m really excited about: the furniture and inside design!

Fosheimer and Filles Fabrications: Gus D. and Emma F.

Here we are in front of the trademark Airstream logo. I am on the left, Erf on the right.

And now for the information on my design team! Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications is comprised of my dear, fabulously wonderful pal, Emma Ruth Foster (in sixth grade, I coined the nickname Erf for her, derived from her initials) and I. We have worked together multiple times, and she’s incredibly organized, easy to work with, cooperative, funny and just all-around stupendous. We have vowed to bring edible treats to school every time we hit a milestone in Project VENTURA.  Also, a section of our team norms include solving disputes with snail races and dogfights and gentle words. So it’s a pretty good situation.

Thus concludes my very first blog post! Thank you so much for looking at our project and I’ll be back soon!


P.S.: This is Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications emerging from under the trailer as zombies.


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