Jedi Design Team Member: Itzel

Hello Followers of our Ventura Project 2013, my name is Itzel and I am part of the Jedi Design Team along Jessica and Jordan. Starting in 6th grade I took a STEM Class which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math and I really enjoyed it. Then In 7th and 8th grade I took PLTW class which is Project Lead the Way and I enjoying building things and solving problems creatively like an oil spill. Thanks to these two classes I was very excited to choose the engineering pathway in High School. Last year I took I.E.D which is the first major engineering class. In that class we learned how to use Inventor AutoCAD. Last year in I.E.D we visited an industrial design engineering firm and I go to see what their life is like and I really liked it ever since. I want to become and industrial designer because it seems like a really cool job to have and I think it would be a lot of fun to redesign new things and make them better. This is similar to our Airstream since we are redesigning it completely to make it more o friendly.

I’m excited for Project Ventura because at the end I will be able to see it all made, and it will be a reward. I also like that we are getting first hand experiences on remodeling a trailer and actually being the ones to build it. I’m excited to be able to design the interior and see it all planned out in the end. The most important thing for me is that we are only using renewable energy and eco-friendly materials that will be able to give back to the community. One thing I am mainly worried about for this specific class is the amount of time you get to work on specific papers and other major milestones. I am also worried the journal entrees because I might not have time to complete them. However I am very excited about getting to work on this project and share my progress through social media.


I am really excited about the design aspect of it because we will be able to pick how the trailer will look. I think its great that we are taking a vintage trailer to this way we can reuse an item instead of starting from scratch. I am really happy with my design team and I can way to see the out come.


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