Once upon an Airstream. . . . -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

Admiring the beauty of the Airstream. . . .

Admiring the beauty of the Airstream. . . .

Hello! ¡Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! My name is Jennifer Chaparro, and I am bilingual, unfortunately I only speak spanish and english, no french nor italian, yet. Currently I am a 15 year old sophomore, who attends the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. I am part of the Ever-Green Design Firm, I am proud to be in this group with my fellow mates, Bethany and Marlene. Our name came to be from the plant evergreen, which is a plant that remains fresh and green throughout the entire year, hot or cold. In comparison to our firm, Ever-Green is a perfect representation of our mission, to be enduring, interesting and helping our environment by using only green materials that will benefit us and future generations.

I’ve always been a girl who likes to interact with things, from playing with ants to building a chicken coop. I am a person who likes to do different things everyday, I do not like to just sit down and take notes, I like to move and do hands own activities and create objects and what not. The class that shaped up my engineering idea was STEM, with Mr. Murray in 6th grade, not only was he the first person to know who I really was but he also made me love engineering. He would always make fun of me and make the class fun. I guess this is where I became attached to engineering after he left, he not only taught the basics of it but also that in order to make things work, you have to be enjoying it and not worry about the after results, there is always a way to fix things. As of now, I do not know what field of Engineering I am most interested in, sometimes I’m in the mood for Civil, others I’m interested in Petroleum and then I figure out I am a wreck when deciding what I want to do with my future engineering life. Although I have approximately 2 years left of High School, it hasn’t hit me yet, and who knows what field I would take. I have time, that’s for sure, but what I should be worried about is finishing this entry before it’s due, but Ms. Jo won’t know about it. Shhh, it’s a secret.

We are all making silly faces and enjoying the time with our Airstream Gal'

We are all making silly faces and enjoying the time with our Airstream Gal’

Project Ventura, is a project assigned to the 10th Grade Engineering Pathways girls (as part of their DAP project), and our job is to convert a 1977 Airstream Sovereign trailer into a “Teachers Common Area.” The entire class was divided into a pair or a group of 3, each group will be able to design their own idea of how the trailer should look, from there we will present our ideas to a professional panel and they will decide who’s idea is realistic and ideal for our circumstances. As soon as the trailer arrived to our school and we were able to see it, I was very excited to start the project. What I am mostly excited for is creating the interior of the trailer, as of now its all blank and has only wires. I like the idea that the entire class is going to contribute and create our fellow teacher common area that will not only be used today but also for several years towards the future. I think this project is going to make our entire advisory closer than what we are now, and we will also learn new things together.

What I am mostly worried about the Airstream project is doing the wiring, I personally struggle with wiring items, and if I do wire I take my sweet time until I understand why everything is in its place. Although by the end of this project I will be able to wire from the moon and back, for sure. My thoughts over the engineering design is that it’s going to be fun and my group and I will be able to brainstorm creative things. The whole idea of creating an Airstream for me seems great and powerful, because although this Airstream was created in 1977, to this day it seems like it hasn’t changed from it’s exterior. In general, all Airstreams that remain are a great example of how our creations can not only live for yesterday or today but also for future generations. The future generations will see the creations that their great-grandparents owned.

My design team has a lot of personality, form being quiet to being outgoing to being in between. I feel like Bethany, Marlene and I will accomplished a lot as a group and as individuals. We will be able to fix our weaknesses, and help each other when needed. And together Ever-Green will be able to not only help the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders but people around the community.

Thank you for taking your time to view our entries, and I hope you are satisfied.

Back view of the Airstream with its reference number!

Back view of the Airstream with its reference number!


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  1. Josephson, Ana · · Reply

    i loved your post! and i DO know exactly when you posted it! nothing is ever a secret from the great JO!

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