So We’re Re-designing an Airstream? Abigail Dougherty, MAAT Design Firm

Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog about project VENTURA. For those of you who may not know, VENTURA stands for Vintage Eco-Friendly Neo-travel Trailer Utilizing Renewable Energy for Adventure. As a student in the Engineering pathway at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, it is our job to complete this mighty project. When I was in middle school, I found a love for building things, and creating something from scratch. In eighth grade when we had to chose a pathway, it was clear to me that engineering was the one for me. Not only would the class cover basics of the field, but the class goes over important broad topics such as aerodynamics, and renewable energy.

The Airstream arrived earlier last week and got everyone a bit excited.

The Airstream arrived earlier last week and got everyone a bit excited.

Because of the engineering pathway at my school, I have been able to decide on what I want to do in the future. For years, I have known that I wanted to build and design things, but I never knew the name or if there was even a particular career doing that. In ninth grade, we went on a field trip that cleared it all up for me. Because of this class, I am no longer fuzzy about what I want to do and can put a name to it; Industrial Design. Industrial Design is always a form of engineering that people don’t always recognize, but it involves the qualities that I particularly wanted in a career; creativity, math, science, communication, and design.

For our VENTURA Project, each team must design a functioning Airstream trailer, suitable to be a “Teachers’ Commons Area.” I am particularly looking forward to working with my group Alex and Maya. Together, the three of us create MAAT Design Firm, which stands for Mechanical Automotive Airstream Trailers. I think we are and will make a great team because we are all very different and have different strengths. Another thing I am particularly looking forward to is designing the interior of the trailer. Not so much the lighting and the wiring, but the aesthetics of the Airstream. Personally, I am really worried about finding the amount of energy required for the trailer, and also the wiring and plumbing because those are the two things that will require precision and time. Also, I am very worried about having a client, even though it is the teachers at school.

The MAAT Design Firm Team Ready for work!

The MAAT Design Firm Team Ready for work!

In my opinion, a project is much harder when there is a client involved. It is going to be a challenge to stick to the requirements and necessities of the clientele, rather than my personal opinion. As my group was doing a teacher survey just yesterday, I realized how many things we are sugggesting to put into this small space. I am personally getting worried about having too many things deemed necessary for the trailer, but impractical for the amount of space provided. Overall, I am surprised that I am not worried about this project as much as I think I should be. I think it might not be that the vast size of this project has not hit me yet, nor have all of the requirements and steps toward the final result even come across my radar.

Project VENTURA is an exciting and nerve-racking experience that I am grateful to share with all of you wonderful people! I hope that my first entry helped you understand not only the project, but also the people working on it!


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