The Beginning of our Airstream Journey- Jessica Swofford-1/3 of the Jedi Design Team

    Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Swofford and I am one out of three members in the Jedi Design Team. Now, you may be wondering, “ Why is this High Schooler blogging? What could she possibly have to share with us?!”. Well to answer your thoughts, my wonderful teammates (Itzel(Itzy) and Jordan) and I are in the process of redesigning a beautiful Airstream Trailer into a Teachers Common Area. I love this project and we are here to share our experiences with you! Who knows, we might even inspire you to do something similar.

    Here is a little background information about me before we get started: I chose to be in the engineering pathway at Ann Richards because I love coming up with creative solutions to problems we are faced with. I am mostly interested into mechanical engineering. Ever since I was little, my dad and I would build random things here and there, and his passion for rebuilding cars helped me discover how much I love engineering. This project is very hands-on and visual, which I am very good at. If this project was given only by hearing someone lecture to me, you would be waiting a very long time to receive the end result…if there was one at all.

This is the wonderful Airstream that we get to redesign, located in the back courtyard. (Picture taken by another classmate.)

This is the wonderful Airstream that we get to redesign, located in the back courtyard. (Picture taken by another classmate.)

Project Ventura is the Engineering Pathway DAP project. This challenge requires each group to transform a vintage Airstream into a “Teacher’s Common Area”. We will be interviewing all of the teachers at Ann Richards(Split up amongst the groups, of course! That would be way too many teachers!) and designing the Common Area with all of their opinions in mind. Our goal is to please all of teachers and hopefully make it easier for them to go about their day, and who knows, maybe it will make them so happy that they will take away all of our homework!(I wish!:/). Even though we all know that this will not happen, my teammates and I really appreciate all of the hard work that our teachers do to help us become intelligent and great young women, and this is one of the ways that we would like to show them how much we care about them. In the Common Area, the teachers will be able to eat lunch, grade papers, relax if they have the time, and much more!

    One thing that I really like about this project is that we get to redesign and Airstream, not just some random beat-up trailer. Airstreams were meant to help people be able to live in one place, while still being able to travel throughout the world. Airstreams are very durable and I cannot believe how good it looks for being so old! I would have expected everything to be all moldy and gross, but its actually in pretty good condition! I mean, I wouldn’t eat off of the floors or anything, but it still looks great to me.

    I really like this project and I cannot wait to get started. The possibilities for the Airstreams new look are endless! I am really looking forward to building our wonderful design that we are planning. I can only imagine how great its going to look! I think that my group is very cooperative and we all work together nicely. I might not be the most creative person out there, but my partners have enough for a whole community and can’t wait to see what their ideas are.

    So, now that I have told you all of the great parts of this Airstream project, what are my worries about it? Welp, I am pretty much worried about most of this. What if we have to restart the project because something unexpected pops up? This would just be a reoccurring event from last year in IED. Wow, that was a very big struggle. The things my team and I ( And probably most of my classmates) have been hearing have not been very pleasant and this has only caused more worrying. Even though we have heard all of this information from students that have already done a similar project, I still feel very confident that my team and I will come up with the best design and pull through. I may be worried, but  hopefully all of this hard work will pay off!

    Thanks for reading! Hopefully you find this as interesting as we do and decide to stick with us until the end! Until next time…

                                           -This has been a blog from Swofford, a Jedi Design team member.


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