Headed Deep into Project Ventura! -Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Our 1977 vintage Airstream

Our 1977 vintage Airstream

Hello, I’m Sierra. A co-founder of the great Vedastein Custom Design Company (VCDC for short). Here at VCDC we make it our number one goal to exceed our clients satisfaction. That’s why when starting the company Maya and I decided Vedastein is the perfect name. Veda refers to guidance in hindu, and we make sure to always steer our clients in the right direction and give them all the support needed. The second part of the name, stein, was taken from the great inspiration Einstein. That’s who Maya (partner in crime) and I plan to be; an inspiration, and to help others.


Maya and I have known each other for five years. We first met in the 6th grade at the Ann Richards School in Austin. Maya and I had a tight bond from the get go! Both of us shared a love for volleyball, talking, had lots of enthusiasm, and most of all, we both always THINK BIG! I believe one of the only ways to pull off something absolutely amazing, is to think big, and if enough passion and hard work is put into it, anything wanted can be achieved. And that is what it will take to accomplish our number 1 goal, of exceeding the client’s satisfactions; thinking big, passion, and hard work! This is also the reason why in the eighth grade when there were three different pathways, media tech, biomedical, and engineering offered, I choose engineering without giving a second thought. Engineering allows me to use my creative mindset. I always have ideas popping into my head, and being able to learn how to carry out those ideas into real life, is an opportunity I would never trade.

Inside the gutted out trailer

Inside the gutted out trailer


I am super excited for project ventura. At first I was a little nervous, and to be honest I still am… To know that other people will be using this final product, and to think that I am building it is unbelievable at times. As this project goes on though, the more enlivened I become!


Selfie with Ms. Clark after interviewing her

Selfie with Ms. Clark after interviewing her

I am most looking forward to is designing the interior of the airstream. I have a habit of constantly moving the furniture around my room about. I always want to design and redesign. I try to think of all the possibilities, where to place things, what color fits best, what is the most functional, etc. As well as the interior design I am also psyched to finally do the hands on constructing. Working on the final product will be that last step until we complete this project. I predict I will be jumping up and down when we finish this project.


Although I am super pumped for this project, I am a little concerned about the wiring, and electrical system. I understand very little of that field. This is learning processes though, and I will just face that fear, and beat that fear when it comes time to!

This will be an adventure, that I’m excited to embark on with Maya. At times we will have trouble, but we will get through that. Once we do, we will have our head in the clouds knowing what we can accomplish. I hope that you will stay with us on our journey in every step and stride taken, from start to finish, when we complete our number one goal of exceeding the client’s satisfaction. Maya and I are heading deep into project ventura, you coming?


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