Jedi Design Team – Jordan Smith

Engineering is pretty fun, I love to problem solve and to be different. I’m one of the few girls that choose to be in this pathway. Hiya! My name is Jordan Smith and I attend Ann Richards school for young women leaders. I never thought that I would be in engineering because of thought math and drawing was scary, considering it wasn’t my strongest points. But, here I am today working with my group, the Jedi Design Team on Project Ventura.

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I’m super excited to start this because building and designing is fun. I’m excited to make the floor plans and see how we can fit all of the clients ideas into one place. I’m worried about everything is not going to fight though, or not every client is going to like it. But, we are going to try and put every clients idea into it. I think that it’s great that I get to be apart of something so big and wonderful!

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I honestly love my team! We are called the Jedi Design team because the J’s are for Jessica and I and the I is for Itzel. We wanted something that sounded cool and so that is what we got! We also think alike, but then we don’t. Our ideas are similar but the way we see things are different. If you catch my drift? The face that we are making a common space by using an air stream and the face that we are only about 15-16 years old makes the project even more unique!

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