Marlene, a proud member of the Ever-Green Design team!

I swear that I never knew I was going to end up in the Engineering pathway, I mean, I was horrible in math and science. But it didn’t really stopped me from the things that fascinated me. I always thought i was going to end up in the Media Tech group, but i chose engineering because i found it quite entertaining to create and modify things. Hello, my name is Marlene Rodriguez and I am currently attending the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders as a Sophomore. This year in our Engineering pathway, our teacher Ms. Joe gave us a project in which we take an old air stream and convert it into a teachers lounge. Though we’ve only just began, they’re lots to talk about so, let me tell you about these futuristic plans we have.

First of all, you should know that our class have divided each other in groups of two or three. In these groups, we will be making our own plans to fix the air stream. right now we won’t be physically changing it, but making plans to. Since we are all designing differently, at the end of the second semester, we will be choosing someone’s design and then actually modify the air stream with the wining design. I’m very excited about this part. I hope we’re (The Ever-Green Design Team) able to win so that we could present at SXSW. Yes that means that the winner group would not only get to actually have it’s the design come to a reality BUT, also you would have to present in a crowd of people. I want to win, but i would be okay of we didn’t. I just hope i would be able to learn a lot form this experience.

Second of all, as we chose our winning design, we will also be working with the little 7th graders who will actually be designing the outside of the air stream. The would be in charge of deciding where the tables, plants, chairs and other things would  be arranged. I remember how one 7th grader i know, Bella Thomas told me at the beginning of the year how excited she was to be helping out and that she would be working with us. At first i had no idea as to what she was referring to, but now i do and i’m glad these children would also benefit from this project and not just us. The fact that not only us will be affected is pretty amazing, i’m glad i’m part of this, it would definitely benefit me in so many ways.

We will be starting some designs on the air stream next week and i’m pretty excited to see how the people in my class will be viewing the air stream. You see, everyone is different and so they’re designs will be too so it’ll be interesting to see how in their mind they would view the air stream. Well that’s all what i have to say about the project so far, I will see you next time! Marlene out!

This is how big the Air Stream Trailer is! This  picture was taken when w first saw it and were exploring it.

This is how big the Air Stream Trailer is! This picture was taken when we first saw it and were exploring it.


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