The Airstream Struggles begins, Lucy Saucedo: LuLa Custom Designs

Hello, Funky streamers. My name is Lucy Saucedo, and I am 15 years old. I am a part of the LuLa design team. I am also a current sophomores in the Ann Richards School for young women leaders here in Austin Texas. Let me tell you a little about me and how I got to where I am today. In 9th grader I decided to take this engineering Pathway because I wanted to try out something out of my comfort zone since, Math isn’t my strongest subject. So I decided to take the Engineering Pathway. As a sophomore me and my team mate are taking a hard task on helping out to re-build an airstream.  Laura and I are taking part of the Project VENTURA. If you were curious about why we named our project, VENTURA? Well here is an idea of what it stands for Vintage Eco-Friendly Neo-travel Trailer Utilizing Renewable Energy for Adventure. Just in the name you can tell that we are taking part of this project for our community. By renewing this airstream we will make a change in our community and help it out as a whole.

p.s. Thankyou Mrs. Jo for taking these awsome pictures.

p.s. Thankyou Mrs. Jo for taking these awsome pictures.


Let me give you some background information about our amazing project. Well I believe that this design will help our school, in many ways. This project will be created for the teachers to use, to create a “teacher space area.” This is created so that teachers can chill and interact with one another in their lunch time an also so that they can have a cool place to hang out and have fun. I heard from an anonymous teacher (Mrs.JO) say to me that well this is what she would like, “I would like to go out and not be stuck here in this room all day.” She said. I take this request to heart because I know how that feels being stuck in class all day. Our design team will take this request and make it come true.

This image shows our team working as a whole.

This image shows our team working as a whole.



Laura and I interviewed one of the most important faculty members just not that long ago. We interviewed Mrs.Goka our principle. It was a great meeting and I think it went good. So far we have only interview one teacher which has being her. So far so good. Laura and I will create a pretty good team because we are the type of people that focus on what we are supposed to and get things done when we are. I believe that this project will be an excellent way for m to develop as an engineer.  I will get to experience this while no school has we are actually getting down and dirty and not like other schools that are just getting on inventor. I am proud to say that I love the engineering pathway, even if it is a struggle me and Laura will get through it. I hope you liked my blog, I usually don’t do much blogging but I hope you likes it.  Well see you next time, funky streamers.


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