WHAT A STRUGGLE!- Laura Morales, LuLa’s Design Team

My name is Laura Morales, and I’m the second member of the LuLa’s Design team, I’m working on the project Ventura. The purpose of the Project Ventura is to use reuse old materials into something eco friendly that other people would will be able to use. The way we came with the name of our team was we ( Lucy and I) took the first two letters of our names. I really like our name because its going to show the clients that we are going to make it like we are the clients.

I chose the engineering pathway because it was the only pathway that interested me the most. And I liked the idea about being able to learn how to design and build things. I really don’t know which pathway of engineering I’m the most interested because theres a lot of which I could chose from. But if I were to chose right now I would chose something that had to do with designing.

The parts of project Ventura  I’m most excited about is the build part of the Airstream. It seems that its going to be really fun because we get to build something that other people are going to be able to use. I’m also excited for the part that we are going to be able to design the airstream before building the things inside the airstream.

The part the I’m most worried about is that we might struggle a lot while trying to figure out how to work/put things. Also I’m worried that we wont get things or work together on time. The other thing might be that our ideas might suck and we might not even know how to build while doing the prototypes. And the last thing would be that I might have trouble working with Sketchup. I mean I feel like its like inventor but there’s parts that are different about inventor, but I know I can learn even when I make little mistakes.

The thoughts that I have towards the engineering design is that sometimes I’m not going to be able to solve the problem that we need to solve. And that I (we) might struggle in the brainstorming part. My partner and I aren’t really talented when it comes to drawing, but in my part I will try my best.The thoughts that I have towards the Airstream was that I think that is going to be really helpful for the teachers. I think that its really interesting about how the airstream were used before, but know there are used for different things.  But I like the idea that we’re trying to make something new out the airstream that were used as homes before.

Right now I think that so far we’re going to do good during the project if we work together as we’re doing right now. But I hope we do really good and work hard enough to learn about more about the airstream.


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