Hmm… Airstream….. Interesting….- Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Team

Vintage Airstream, beautiful for any type of weather.

Vintage Airstream, beautiful for any type of weather.

My name is Bethany Salazar, and I am one of 3 people in my designing team. We are very excited for this unique opportunity the school is providing for us. We hope we can make the best of it and have more learning experience for the future. I am in 10th grade and I attend the Ann Richards school. I have actually been here for 5 years already, and I am hoping to graduate from here too. I have always been interested in building and reconstructing things. I also really enjoyed STEM in my middle school years. I really liked the challenges we had to face threw the processes of creating. I am thinking of trying out mechanical engineering or computer engineering. I really like how technology makes our everyday life easier. I am also very interested in how things work, and how to fix my own computer
For this project I am really looking forward in designing the floor plan, and actually seeing the product in use. Project VENTURA is suppose to get our minds working in different ways to solve this problem. Some of the things that are worrying me are the time constraints and if we are going to have enough time to get everything done. I really do believe this project will get our minds going. The engineering design does seem a little complicated at the moment, but getting to know what we have to work with is preparing the process and lighting up the way slowly but we are getting there. I think it is very cool that the Airstream was invented. I would have never thought about making a trailer into something that a teacher could use to make life in Ann Richards more comfortable and relaxing. I am really excited working with my team, we work pretty well together and with everyones ideas this can be very interesting.

One of the things I have noticed with our school is that everyone there is actually pretty close. Also that they all have their own personal things, but it does not really seem that they are able to enjoy that part of being here with the staff, and getting together. Our school has probably the best staff in AISD in my opinion and my team and I would really want to give them what they deserve. This project will help the teachers and make their lifes more comfortable and just relaxing. When I came here I did not really expect on doing a project this big that would affect many people in our school like this, its pretty scary but its not impossible. I really want to see the teachers reactions when they see it. I want to be part of the reason why the teachers have a nice time here. They do deserve a space for themselves and a lot more. One of the things as I mentioned that was going to be hard was the time limits and constraints. I am hoping we have the finally done by the end of my 10th grade year because we are the ones that started this project and we should finish it.

Well I am feeling excited about this, and all we have to do is be confident and plan out every right. Hope to have a great year!!! Thank you for anyone supporting :)))


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