Love is in the Airstream. – Julie Tapia, Dream Designers

Mrs. McCrady's Interview

Mrs. McCrady’s Interview

Hello again, this is Julie Tapia from Dream Designers. My group and I have been interviewing teachers in the past 2 weeks. Mrs. Castanon, Mrs. Hanson, Mr. Soden, Mrs. Schnautz, and Mrs. McCrady have shared their initial thoughts and ideas for Project VENTURA. They all answered ‘yes’ to the question, ‘would you use a 1977 Airstream redesigned to be a teacher commons area?’. We are glad to know that teachers are actually interested in Project VENTURA, otherwise, our work would be in vain. Mrs. Hanson suggested we have a canopy for the exterior seating (picnic tables). The Airstream has its own pull-out canopy, but we could make some aesthetic improvements. She also suggested that the Airstream have a speaker so teachers can hear announcements. This is an absolute must since announcements are always being delivered. Another great idea from Mrs. Hanson is to make the Airstream accessible from the building in case of rain by maybe building a little canopy that leads all the way to the door of the Airstream. Although many of the teachers wish for the Airstream to have a bathroom, it most likely won’t.

Mrs. Hanson's Interview

Mrs. Hanson’s Interview

The interior of the Airstream will most likely have dining and work tables strategically placed, device charging stations, refrigerator, microwave, sink, purified water dispenser, coffee maker, couches, and a printing station. The problem with the sink and refrigerator, said Mrs. Hanson, is that people might leave dirty dishes and/or rotten food. These features will need regular cleaning and, I’m sorry to say, the engineering students will build a nice, beautiful Airstream but it will be the teachers’ job to keep it clean and beautiful. A set of rules will have to be established by the teachers. A couple of ideas include:

* Don’t leave rotten, stinky food in the fridge

* Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink and expect someone to wash them for you

* If you spill any food or drinks, please clean up your mess

Hopefully, this will help keep the Airstream nice and beautiful.

Airstream Interior Design (

Airstream Interior Design

My partner, Gaby Ponce, and I have created a board on Pinterest titled AIRSTREAM TIME. We have been pinning some awesome design ideas for the interior of the Airstream. There are so many different tables, chairs, appliances, and so many different ways to place them. The goal is to include all the Airstream features the teachers ask without overcrowding the small space. The designs we have pinned are simple yet elegant and aesthetically pleasing. I believe this is what the teachers want: a space where they can spend their leisure time and feel relaxed, but it should also encourage collaborative work and be free of too many distractions. I think one end of the Airstream should have the couches and dinette, while the other should be reserved for serious collaborative work. This other end can have a table (such as the one pictured to the left) where groups of 2-5 teachers can sit, write, and discuss things. This end might also have the ceiling projector and pull-down screen.

Note: If you are interested in following Gabriela Ponce’s and Julie Tapia’s board, go to and search up AIRSTREAM TIME on ‘boards’.


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