Fun Times- Laura Morales, LuLa’s Design Team

So far trying to work on the Airstream hasn’t been difficult. Trying to design the airstream as the teachers wanted is going to be kind of difficult, but we are going to be creative to try to solve the problem. So far we have only interview two teachers, Mrs. Goka and Mrs. Diaz. Mrs. Goka doesn’t really the Airstream to be designed for the teacher’s common place; instead she wants it for the custodians. When we asked Mrs. Diaz she said she wanted, we really don’t know what the other teachers want since they haven’t responded to the email we send to them. Right now I’m trying to figure out how we are going to combine all the things that the teachers want in the Airstream. So far the two teachers want the similar things, but we still need to know if the other three teachers want the similar things as the other ones.

The sketches that we have to do from the interior and exterior of the airstream have been fun to do. I like this activity because we get to use our drawing skills that we have, and it also helps us to get an idea on how we are going arrange the things that would be inside the Airstream. One thing that I learned while doing the sketches of the airstream was the pencil method. This method has been really useful while trying to do the sketches of the Airstream. I like this method because I get a more scaled sketch of the Airstream instead of a messy one that I won’t be able to use another time. This is one of the exterior sketches I sketched of the Airstream.

Last class we worked on the board were we are going to put the different things that we are going to be working on the future that are related with the Airstream. In this activity we used different tools that we are going to be when we are building in the Airstream. Some of the tools that we used were a drill, a level, rubber hammer, “s” hooks, rope. The rope was going to be used to hold the board in the wall. We used the drill to make holes in the wall so we could put the hooks and be able to hand the board. The level was used to make the hole be in the right place, so the board wasn’t crooked. We were graded on how well the board was level.

It was really fun trying to work with the different tools. I learned how to use the level which I have never used before. The drill I used once which wasn’t difficult to work with. I this is going to help us while we are constructed the inside of the Airstream which is going to be fun.  This is the board turned out to be and the other one is me measuring the distance of the wood part so see where the holes were going to be located at.


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