Progress, Inspiration, More Uplifting and Catchy Words to Make You Read This Post – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

    Hello again, wonderful blog reader. I’m going to pretend that people actually specifically read my posts, so here’s an update on what we’re doing. Well, there have only been 3 class days since my last post, so only half of this will be an update on stuff. The other half will be some other stuff that I’m kind of required to write about.

    We watched a very inspirational video that was featured at the Austin Film Festival last week, If You Build It, about two engineers who taught basically a shop class in a rural town in North Carolina for two years. The class of about 10 kids did some pretty cool stuff; their final project was to design a farmers’ market pavillion commissioned by the town, and they literally, physically, themselves, built the structure. There was a kind of sad ending, but you can follow the teachers’ new class in Berkeley, California here: One teacher even lived in an Airstream, and there was an Airstream shell in the shop room the kids worked in. Who knew that they were that popular?

The farmers’ market in Bertie County, NC. This was designed by two high school juniors and built by the Studio H class in about 5 months.

    Gaining inspiration from the guy who lived in an Airstream in the video… Not really, I just needed to make up a transition that sounded intelligent. In what was really completely unrelated to the video, the next class we drew perspective sketches of our Airstream, one of the exterior and one of the interior (though it was gutted, so the sketch has grossness and wires hanging out and blah). There’s this thing called the pencil method that I’m horrible at explaining (don’t Google it either, because you end up with results about how to draw with a pencil), but basically it’s a way to get quick proportions for drawings, and it works, because my drawings were actually not bad. That kind of unexpectedly took the whole class period, so we didn’t really do anything else. The next class we tried to do some stuff, but ended up not doing much because kids and drills and heavy object don’t mix well. We’re starting to hang “inspiration boards” (basically a place for any and all ideas we have) in the hallway, but we ended up trying to drill while the setting was on reverse, so it didn’t really work out. But! We’re really close to finishing out teacher surveys, and we’re getting a good idea of what they want. Pretty much food, electronic gadgets, and coffee.

The Airstream studio designed by some woman named Sarah. Homey, right?

We’re not quite at the designing stage yet, but there are some cool ideas to base our Airstream on. Googling “Airstream lounge” (ignoring the fact that this is not to be called a lounge) and also ignoring the picture of women in bikinis in front of what may or may not be an Airstream, there are some pretty cool DIY projects people with time have done. One project in particular caught my interest, something that looks close to what we want to do, but of course prettier. It’s a studio for one person, but there are elements that teachers seem to want: bookshelf, a table for work/food, a comfy couch/seat… Another image is of an actual office inside an Airstream, but it’s in Germany and is a little less comfy than teachers’ desires. Yet I do feel like it would be more along the lines of what our trailer’s layout will be.

The German Aisrtream office. Our teachers would probably dislike the fax machine in the front right, but this looks a bit larger and fits more people.

Things are going along, and we’re finishing up teacher interviews this week. I don’t know when we’re going to be doing certain things, but each teacher interview gets us more excited and positive about the trailer. Cool quote to end with, I know. But really, the teachers are super excited about this, and I can only hope that all of the ones we’ve interviewed will stay for the big reveal in May.


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