Beginning the Beginning- Ally Reznicek

Hello again, fellow Streamers!  Once again I come to you with great news from Bel Floratine Custom Designs!  After days of anticipation, we are finally able to begin planning the Airstream to transform into the Teachers Common Area for the Ann Richards School!

This is my first attempt at drawing the Whale

This is my first attempt at drawing the Whale

Though my favorite part of every project or event I have ever planned for has always been anticipation, I believe actions will be fun as well.  There is a beautiful quote from Dale Rex Coman that I believe applies to our situation in more ways than one,

“The charm of a woodland road lies
not only in its beauty but in
anticipation.  Around each bend may
be a discovery, an adventure.”

Our design teams have been working hard on accurate sketches which could lead to floor plans in the near future.  Floor plans could be later used or modified by an Interior Designer to fit the needs of the consumer.  From there, if we were constructing a large-scale building, we would have an architect inspect the floor plans to ensure that they would be structurally sound when being built, and who often inspect the finished building after completion very thoroughly.  Luckily for us, we don’t need one!  Since our airstream will be recreational and stationary, as well as to be constructed with careful and practiced hands, there is no need to worry about structural instability!

Working from the perfect angle

Working from the perfect angle

Concerning the sketches, some teams came together and worked collaboratively helping one another with difficult aspects of drawing the airstream, which we have named, “The Whale”.  The Whale got its name because of the complicated, curved edges were so difficult to draw, someone from the edge of the courtyard said, “My sketch looks like a whale!” and from then on it was known as The Whale.

Sketching The Whale definitely serves as a challenge.  Miranda Toy said, “My two years of art have not prepared me for this!” and I agree.  Even though the very definition of a sketch is a rough and unfinished drawing, Bel Floratine Custom Design’s sketches must be accurate by carefully drawing the contoured lines realistically.

Outside of class projects, Bel Floratine Custom Designs has wasted no time brainstorming for the upcoming construction.  With our ideas combined with consumer interview results, we have a pretty good idea of what everyone expects.  We realize now that we do not interview clients go get their opinion, but rather so that we can hear their ideas.  For instance, one of our teachers, Ms. Rice, had an excellent suggestion to add a school phone inside The Whale, which was not something we had originally been thinking of, but a very convenient and useful idea.


This is all about to change!

Every teacher has a different idea of what The Whale will be like as a teachers’ common area.  Some will go there to eat lunch and grade papers, and others refuse to use it for anything but recreational activities, with the exception of department meetings.  Many teachers were thrilled at the idea that department meetings no longer had to be held in someone’s classroom.

Regardless of who or what it will be used for, The Whale will represent a significant stage in Ann Richards School History, one that will never be forgotten.


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