May The Force Of Nature Be with You! -Itzel Ruiz, Jedi Design Team

Hello again Blog followers!
I am Itzel from the Jedi Design Team and our team has made a lot of progress. We have begun to practice how to draw the Airstream using the “Pencil Method.” Thanks to the Pencil Method my drawings actually came out better than I expected. I am proud that I have made progress on my drawing skills and I hope to continue to learn more methods to do it.

Itzel's Airstream Pencil Sketches

Itzel’s Airstream Pencil Sketches

As a group we have also been able to interview teachers to get ideas for out trailer. We have gotten some good information from them on what we need to include on our Airstream that would make them want to use it more often. One thing I found interesting was that most of the working appliances we had for teachers like a printer or projector, weren’t so pleasing to the teachers because they wanted it to be a more relaxing space that they would be able to use to see other teachers that they don’t normally get to see and have a relaxing place to go hang out when they get to tired of their classroom. I was able to go Interview Mr.Lantzy, Mr. Langford, Ms.Ewart, Ms.Willie and Ms.Turner. All of these teachers were very excited about the idea of an area for them to hangout. We were able to get some really good feedback from the people who would benefit from our Trailer the most. We got some crazy suggestions like when Mr.Lantzy requested a grading monkey. And we also got some ideas of things we hadn’t thought about like Mr.Lantzy and Ms.Ewart suggested we got a combination lock or number key pad, so that teachers didn’t have to wait for anyone to have to come and open the trailer for them. Through the survey I was also able to find what objects and appliances we could eliminate because teachers already own these and had them in their room or they didn’t think they were necessary. I was really happy that I got to interview all my teachers and get a feel on what to expect to add to our trailer.

Jedi Design Team interviews Mr.Langford

Jedi Design Team interviews Mr.LangfordJedi Design Team interviews Ms.Ewart

Jedi Design Team interviews Ms.Ewart
Itzel and Mr.Lantzy

Itzel and Mr.Lantzy

Another thing we have been doing in class is working on our inspiration boards. We have had to practice our skills on drilling and making knots. Our inspiration boards are meant to help us develop sort through our ideas. During class I made our Team Logo. I picked our logo because our name is the “Jedi” design Team and the Jedi are from Star Wars I used the logo the Jedi have on their shields. During class we also analyzed through everyone’s teacher surveys to prioritize what we needed to have on our design for when we start coming up for ideas. I am proud of what we have done so far but we need to continue managing our time. I can’t wait for our next step in this project, I will be sure to let y’all know how it goes. In the mean time….


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