Inspiration Station – Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design Company

The front of the Airstream

The front of the Airstream

I’m back all project ventura followers! If you have yet to be enraptured by our great, and everything fabulous 1977 Airstream trailer makeover project, then hopefully our inspiration boards will capture your attention! For the past week Maya and I have been working on our inspiration boards. On these boards we will collect sketches, and anything maya and I seem to strike a liking towards (Project Ventura related of course!).

While constructing our boards, I made up a quick logo to attach to the top. It was of a little white giraffe head in the middle of an orange circle. Sweet and simple, but later that day, after making the logo my friend Georgia was drawing a hot air balloon. I decided that it would be the perfect logo! Because just like hot air balloons, our company, Vedastein Custom Designs is always moving up in the right direction. Even when our limits are pushed, we will proceed up! Plus it was also a super cute drawing!Maya and I building our inspiration boards

Just making these inspiration boards, I become more and more excited about this project. As I get more information, more ideas pop into my head about what we can do with the trailer. I will admit, I am a pinterest addict. I have created a new board just for project ventura, and design ideas I like. An Idea I found was having the a booth like seating at the end of the Airstream where it curves. Almost all the teachers Maya and I interviewed mentioned they would most likely use the space for meetings, and conferences, rather than using it as a work space and/or eating spot. Having a table between the seats.

One of the many photos collected to help inspire me. This picture shows the comfy booth to sit in!

One of the many photos collected to help inspire me. This picture shows the comfy booth to sit in!

Another thing very much wanted by the teachers, and staff members at our school was exterior seating. I love the idea, so it make me super happy others do too! I have been thinking that if we were to do any kind of outside seating, I would probably go with the classic cute little picnic table, and add some flowers. It would be cool to have a vegetable garden as well. Different classes or anyone who is interested could grow some neat foods here. Apart of this project is that the 7th grade class is going to helping us with designing the landscape layout. I am not sure if that includes us working on the exterior too. I will need to get that cleared up next class.

This project has not been too bad yet. I am still feeling very nervous for when it comes times for the the circuits, but I’ll handle that when it comes time. Maya and I have been working super well together so far. We are good friends, but we do not always work very well together, but so far everything has been easy and smooth! I can’t wait to continue on this project!1-4


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