Black is the NEW Green! Brought to you by the Ever-Green Design Firm – Marlene

Hello Viewers! Yes I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted but there’s been a lot that has happened…..First we finished on a little project we had on this program called “Google Sketch-Up” which is frequently used by REAL  Architects and Engineers. Do you know how cool that is? To be be using a program professionals use? It really is. But it’s kind of hard to use, I especially had a hard time creating a rail, it requires this one step in which you save a part and then can re-use it? I’m not so sure, but it was quite confusing. Using the program was quite challenging at first but then we got the hang of it. The reason we’re using this program now and getting the hang of it is because we will be using this program in the future with the Air stream project. We will be using it to design the inside of the Air stream.

A little background information about the program itself is that it all started off as a little company called “@Last Software” which was co-founded by Brad Schell and Joe Esch. This company had a program that was mostly used by  adults. Though it was already a good program, they didn’t want the complexity but they did want to perfect the 3D tools. That’s when they invented SketchUp in August 2000. They had a  slogan ‘3D for everyone’ which implied that anyone could use it. It was complex enough that engineers or architects could use it for their projects, but easy to use for those who would use for assignments. That’s a little lesson on SketchUp.

But while we were using the program, Pam Powell a mechanical engineer teacher from Austin Community College came in, in request of our teacher to helps is out with the program. I really enjoyed her stay because she helped us by showing us a couple of shortcuts that made the program easier to use. I remember how she showed us a way to use the view and the zoom in/out with the mouse.

Continuing on, we are now currently not using Google SketchUp at the moment, but we will be soon. In the mean time, we are currently drawing Perspective Drawings on the Airstream Trailer. One drawing of the outside and another of the inside. It was quite simpler to draw the inside than the outside. But anyhow after we finished the sketches, we put them up in this board we have for each group. IN our “Ever-Green” board we have our sketches up and a couple of pictures showing our progress in the project. I like this because it’s showing others what we are working on.


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