Dang Grommet! DX – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

Perspective Drawing - Pencil Method

This is the pencil method. Just another way of saying you’re drawing from a perspective.
Price, Jason L. Perspective Drawing. Jasonlprice.com. Priceless Photography
Blog, n.d. Web. 8 Nov. 2013.

    Hey, world!  It’s Alex again, and I’m back to share my woes, whoa’s…, and WHOA’S!  It’s been a while… Not much has happened in the Ventura project.  We’re still planning, but I can start to see some real work happening.  My group and I are ALMOST officially done with teacher interviews.  The interviews are just a professional way to express our project, but to also get some feedback from our clients.  It’s pretty simple.  We ask teachers a few questions like, “What would you like inside the Airstream trailer?” or “Who do you normally eat lunch with?”  This gives us a better understanding of our teachers’ thoughts and actions towards the project.  Some teachers like Ms. Nixon believes the Airstream should be used as an area to get away to from all the work to relax, whereas Mrs. Waugh, our school administer, sees the trailer as a potential meeting area, but also a place to get some work done alongside friendly faces and friends.  All the teachers have different opinions on how the Airstream should be used, but overall, the goal is all the same – to convert an Airstream trailer into a “teacher’s common area”.  Now, in most schools, they would call this place a “teachers’ lounge”.  But it has been brought to our attention that this term is a little taboo.  Back in the day, probably when I wasn’t even born yet, teachers had a room for themselves, and they would potentially bad-mouth their students, smoke cigars, etc.  It’s so…old-fashioned…don’tcha think?


All those gromments… (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
1/4″ Grommet. Generaltools.com. General Tools & Instruments, 2012. Web. 8 Nov.

   Anyway, we also learned a drawing technique.  As Mrs. Jo says, “As an engineer, you need to be able to draw to get down your ideas on paper and visualize them.”  I guess it’s a drawing technique.  It’s a helpful tip when trying to draw proportionally.  You take your pen or pencil, hold it up to the object you’re drawing, and measure it.  Take that measurement, and use it to draw the object on your paper.  I learned that having two of the same pens or pencils for this is extremely helpful.  I learned that the hard way…  Oh the struggle…  Drawing is one of my strong suits.  It helps quite a bit for engineering, but even if you don’t take art class or you’re not a great artist, you can still be an engineer.  My group member, Maya, was devastated because she thinks she’s not a very good artist.  She is a pretty good artist with lots of potential.  She said, “Well, there goes my career as an engineer,” when she heard we were sketching the Airstream.

Inspiration Board[1]

This is our inspiration board. It’s a bit bland right now, but we will spice it up! Just you wait!

     Now I’m sure most people are wondering, “What’s up with that title?”  Well, in my mind, it’s a play on the words, “Dagnabbit!”  During class on Thursday, November 7th, my group members and I were dividing and conquering!  It was Abby’s idea.  She and I handled the inspiration board while Maya created our team name for the board.  She worked mainly on the computer doing the technical stuff.  Abby and I were having difficulties with the board because the grommet (a brass ring that goes through one of the holes of our board to help thread through the string) was being… troublesome.  The inner ring, while being banged into the board using the rubber mallet, was not going through the hole and bent on itself.  When that happens, it’s useless.  Our first attempted, failed.  Then our second one went in.  Our third one bent and we were down the very, very last one Ms. Jo had.  Thankfully it went in the other hole…  But, we were making too much noise inside banging because next door, people were testing so we went outside… And got locked out…  It was really cold that day.  Texas was not meant to get cold!  In the end, we hung up our board, and added our team name and Airstream sketches to it.  All in all, I think we did a good job. 🙂


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