Hello Teacher Survey! – Faith Vanderburg, Dream Designers

Every good product needs inspiration. What good is a new house if no one uses it or a vacant plot of land if no one knows what to do with it? In the same way we want the Airstream to have purpose rather than sitting in the lot. How do we prevent this from occurring?

Hello Teacher Survey!

Each design firm chose the people that they wanted to interview and the results from the surveys are displayed in the hallway for all to see. But I’m sure that everyone had more luck with their survey than I did with mine. Even though I only did one survey I did not like the results, but I took back some knowledge, as I realized my own personal errors.

I say personal errors because the survey was polished and easy to understand, but I did not do a good job explaining what Project Ventura is all about. Ideally, I would ask you to fill out a survey and then we’d go sit somewhere private and then continue to answer the survey. So far everything is going to plan. Then I’d tell you that the trailer outside –and what do you know, we’re sitting right where we can see it too – is what the engineering students are going to remodel to turn into a teacher space, and then I’d go into detail about how the Airstream is the best trailer of its kind because it can last for decades. After I know that you understand then I’d give you the survey so you can give some feedback, but this is the step I forgot, and I think that it why the teacher I interviewed wanted nothing at all to do with Project Ventura.

We went to sit together and I showed her pictures of the trailer, in its current state.

This is a picture of the trailer before renovation, taken by another student

This is a picture of the trailer before renovation, taken by another student

Then immediately gave her the survey and tried not to look as she filled it out. I did not tell her anything about the project itself or the sheer beauty of the Airstream design, but simply said that the Airstream outside would become the new teacher space. She nodded at me as though she understood everything and filled out the survey very quickly. I thanked her for her time and we went our separate ways. As I looked over the completed survey I noticed that she said no to everything. Everything. She even went to say that “teachers should be treated like the professionals they are!”

My point is that; ask someone if they understand anything about what you are doing without assuming they know everything.

The results of the surveys as a whole were not affected by this one report, and this week the Dream Designers will start living up to our motto: You Dream it. We Design it. The teachers have given us our dreams, and now it is our turn to design it. Every great product needs inspiration and people that can make the dream come true.

It’s time to go back to the drawing board. Airstream, here we come.


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