Our Airstream is Registered? Abby Dougherty from M.A.A.T. Design Firm

Hello all! Welcome back to another one of my blog posts! It’s been a few crazy weeks in Project Ventura land needless to say, but they’ve been full of surprises. Since I last spoke to y’all, we have all been hard at work with all of the “pre-project” stuff. Some of these things include teacher interviews, Inspiration Boards, and sketches of the Airstream. At this point in time, it feels like we haven’t gotten that much done regarding the trailer, but I know things are going to get insane quickly.

Up until this point, we’ve done lots of prep work for the actual trailer. One of the first things we did was sketch the trailer using the pencil method. The pencil method is an effective way of quickly sketching relatively accurately. To perfect the pencil method, you must hold a pencil away from your face, preferably and arms length away, and use it to roughly measure different parts of your object. One problem I found with this method was the need to be particularly far away from the Airstream to get an accurate measurement with your pencil. This was difficult because of the placement of the trailer. The Airstream is parked in an alley way or little crook outside of the school. The area is relatively small and it was difficult finding a spot to easily and efficiently sketch the airstream.Here we have Alex perfectly using the Pencil Method

After finishing our sketches, it was time to create our Inspiration Boards. These boards hang outside of our classroom so our whole school can see our progress on the projects. Constructing the boards was a bit trickier than it may have needed to be. In order to hang the boards, we had to drill holes into the wall, then place a Screw Eye into the hole. After prepping the wall, we had to hammer grommets into the board so that we could hang the rope through the holes in the board without worrying the rope might break. This seemingly easy task proved to be much harder than expected. Hammering the grommets into the hole was tricky because the grommet would bend and snap and curve or go in too far with one wrong strike of the hammer. By the time we had finally gotten one grommet in, there were only two grommets left for the whole class because everyone took at least two tries per hole. It was crunch time, and we only had one grommet left in the whole class, and luckily, it worked! The grommet was a success and we hung up our board using a sailors knot.

In the beginning of this project, each team was assigned 5-7 teachers to interview. Since the teachers are the clients, it is very important to be sure to decorate and design the trailer to their specific tastes. The teachers my group, M.A.A.T. Design Firm, had were; Ms. Dicuffa, Mrs. Waugh, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Mote, Ms. Sauter, and Ms. Nixon. After all of the groups interviewed all of their teachers, it was time to put together a collective chart of all of their preferences.

(From left to right) Ms. Robinson, Ms. Sauter, Ms. Nixon, Ms. Mote, Mrs. Waugh, and Ms. DiCuffa!

(From left to right) Ms. Robinson, Ms. Sauter, Ms. Nixon, Ms. Mote, Mrs. Waugh, and Ms. DiCuffa!

Outside of class, I have been researching the WBCCI. You may be wondering what exactly that is, well it is a club that was founded by the creator or Airstreams himself, Wally Byam. WBCCI stands for the Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. This organization was founded in the 1950’s as a way to organize and promote travel in the Airstreams. It proved to be a massive success and brought many people onto the roads to travel. When joining the WBCCI, your Airstream receives a number put onto the back and front of the trailer. This number means that as you travel, the airstream is recorded into a registration book including where it’s been. One of the coolest things about this, is that our Airstream is registered, meaning that if we contact the WBCCI and register again, we can find out where our Airstream has traveled!!Our Airstreams WBCCI registration Number!!


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