Lever . . Check! Wheel & Axle. . .Check! Inspiration Board. . .Huh? – Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Team

Hello, Y’all!

1st class lever, 2nd class lever, 3rd class lever

1st class lever, 2nd class lever, 3rd class lever

I sure am glad to be back informing you all about our Airstream project (AKA Project VENTURA) Just in case you do not understand what VENTURA means, basically it is an acronym for: Vintage Eco-Friendly Neo Travel Trailer Utilizing Renewable Energy for Adventure, which is our project in one word. Back to what I was going to say, these couple of weeks in Engineering class has been very chaotic, we had a lot of things to accomplish in a short period of time, fortunately The Ever-Green design team was able to accomplish its given missions! Last class (11/14/2013), the class was able to learn more about levers and its functions, we also had the ability to do a hands-on lab over how the three kinds of levers work. I’ll explain, a lever is a rigid bar used either to exert or sustain a weight at one point, by adding a force at a second point, and turning at a third point on a fulcrum. Now, a lever is divided into three different categories, 1st Class Lever, 2nd Class Lever, and 3rd Class Lever. For a 1st class lever, the fulcrum is located between the effort and the resistance (load) force. The 2nd class lever has the fulcrum located at one end of the lever, the resistance(load) force is located between the fulcrum and the effort force. Lastly, the 3rd Class Lever has the fulcrum at one end of the lever, the effort force is between the fulcrum and the resistance.

This class day not only did I learn about levers but also about another Simple Machine, the Wheel and Axle and real world objects. The wheel and axle move together as a simple lever to lift or move an item rolling, a perfect example would be a stirring wheel. Another thing that we did today in class was get a better idea of how a Vision/Inspiration Board is suppose to look like, a cluster of ideas that INSPIRE you to do such things.

Inspiration Board, colors, elements, textures to become inspired!

Inspiration Board, colors, elements, textures to become inspired!

I decided to do extra research on the whole idea of using an inspiration board, at first when Ms. Jo had told us to create one I was not so excited, I had an idea of a silly collage with writing on it. But as soon as we got our hands dirty, I saw that not only were we going to add some writing but pictures, colors, themes! On the article that I read from Burnetts Boards, she tells us that a mood board and an inspiration board are two different types of collection of images and things. A mood board, is used to set moods, feelings, and to conceptualize. While an inspiration board is more for details, colors, textures and specifics. Like Len Kenall, the founder and CEO of Centup quoted: “Often the biggest favor you can provide your ‘creative’ colleagues is constraints. Asking someone to interpret a vision in your mind is impossibly difficult and can lead to disappointment from one side, and guilt on the other. Share as many specifications as you can upfront. Some may be unrealistic, some may be wrong, but sharing the constraints you believe to be important will help reduce the time and frustration that often goes into turning an idea into tangible output.” This quote, like Burnetts Boards said, it speaks for itself about how an inspiration and also a mood board should be.

Mood Board, setting the mood of romance!

Mood Board, setting the mood of romance!

From simple machines to inspiration boards, these will help us understand how the Airstream works and how it should look in order to please our clients, whom our the first priority! Ever-Green-ers to the rescue! I should get going, and have a very nice day/night, see you in a couple of weeks! 

– Jennifer Chaparro



1st image: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/education/activities/27po_sle2phar.html

2nd image: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/284712007664333070/

3rd image: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/478366791641011322/


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