Embracing Bizarre Inspiration and More! Gus of Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications

Greetings Project Venturers! It is Gus of Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications and I come bearing great news! (A)We are well on our way to creating a teacher’s common space and (B) I am obsessed with Morocco! And Morocco is relevant to Project Ventura, so never fear. But first, an update on class life!

We have been working a lot on the physics and math behind simple machines. The physics is difficult, but not uninteresting. We have been studying levers and wheels and we’re about to journey into the world of pulleys. The reasoning behind this crazed, complicated, mathematic insanity (good insanity, I might add) is that we need to understand the workings of The Whale before we can begin to redesign its innards. So we are looking at the details of simple machines and doing a few short labs, then next week we can start identifying these things in our trailer.


This is Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications board. Making innovative uproars since the late 90’s!

Secondly, in class each team built an inspiration board out of peg boards, grommets, and rope. It’s real life Pinterest! We designed logos for our teams and came up with a catch phrase and are busy at work decorating the boards with anything and everything that somehow calls our names even the tiniest bit.  <—— More on this later!

Finally, last week we made a visual of our teacher survey results and began our evaluations, which are revealing a lot about what our teachers do and do not want. And we all know what the evaluation means! Floor plans are on their way! Now that we know what is needed and hated and loved and wanted and worshipped, we can start designing The Whale. This realization is, in some ways, scary. But it’s also really exciting! Erf and I are about to start this thing for REAL. It makes me feel very powerful!Now to Morocco. On a French project recently, I encountered some pictures of Moroccan cafes. And I got really excited. The Moroccan aesthetic made me think about Project Ventura, and the cozy, warm colors of the Moroccan cafes and rooms reminded me of The Whale. I know it’s kind of too early to be thinking about the decoration of the inside of the final design, considering we haven’t even done the floor plans, but Mrs. Jo said to not question inspiration. So I looked at the Moroccan style more, specifically the interior and exterior of buildings and patterns.


After some research on Morocco, the universe showed me/reminded me of two things that I interpreted as a sign that we must embrace Morocco! First, Erf and I noticed that for our logo we had subconsciously sort of incorporated the African look with our colors and the random elephant. Secondly, I remembered that I played The Prince of Morocco in The Merchant of Venice when I was eleven in a hot pink, tasseled vest, green velvet pants, and a golden, wax-like hat. So I obviously have an emotional connection to the country and its aesthetic.  Anyway, this is just premature inspiration. For now, I need to focus on the floor plans!

That is all for now! See you in a few weeks!


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