Getting Down and Dirty – Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design

                     Hello fellow streamers, I haven’t being here for a while sorry about that. I know you all have missed my blogging tremendously. Let me tell you what things have being happening. In the past 3 weeks, me and my teammate Laura have being up towards much of hard work. Let me tell you what has been happening all these few weeks. What are team has being up too has being on November 7th our team made our inspiration boards. We also air stream sketches with the pencil method. The pencil method is something really helpful that you can use when you sketch or want to draw something. Mrs. Jo introduced this method for us students to use. Let me explain the pencil method, first you get your pencil and measure the distance of the object, then you draw the approximate distance on your paper and sketch around the lines. This method is used for lines and the scaled down image of your object. Me not being an art student my sketch came out pretty good not that bad.

Using a drill is pretty exiting. ( Photoboming is our wonderful Inspiration Board.)

Using a drill is pretty exiting. ( Photoboming is our wonderful Inspiration Board.)

The way we built our design boards was by first making our strings to hold up our board. To make those holes we had to use a hammer which was pretty fun and then we had to make sure that the string could fit in the holes because they have to have the string go through in order to level the board. Once me and Laura were done we decided to take it outside and drill holes into the wall it would be displayed in. We had to measure and find the half point of  the board and then we got to do the most fun part. Drill the holes, we got to use the Drill. Then we hung our strings and Laura had the honors to level our board. The reason we build this inspiration board was for the purpose of laying out our designs and letting other people know what we think about this project. Another reason we did this was to get our mind clear for example if we forget an idea but you remembered to paste it in your inspiration board you can go check or if you have a brain fart and you’re looking for ideas well their you’re inspiration board to get “inspired” from.

This is our wonderful teacher (Mrs.Jo) helping us out leveling our inspiration board.

Another thing we have done is the teacher interviews. We had the pleasure to interview Mr.Ruiz. He told us all about how he does want this Airstream to happen because he hangs out in the custodians space, because he doesn’t like being in his room just stuck to those 4 walls. He also said he wants this to happen because he would like to get out of this room because he says it gets boring and lonely and he would like to go to an environment were he can talk to other teachers. But he thinks that the conversations should not be about school but about other topics. That’s it for today, well thank you for reading my blogs their is gonna be more to come.

(Mr.Ruiz) Our lovely client who took the teacher survey.

(Mr.Ruiz) Our lovely client who took the teacher survey.


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