What Should the Whale Be? -Maya Nunez Vedastein Design Company

This is a picture on how our survey analysis looks like and you can see how it helps designers visually see what the client wants.

This is a picture on how our survey analysis looks like and you can see how it helps designers visually see what the client wants.

Welcome back viewers! Maya has returned. Plans for Project Ventura are taking off faster than a runway train. Lots as happened in the last two weeks since I have blogged to you. So here is a quick update. Everyone single design company including the absolutely amazing Vedastien Design Company has finished teacher surveys which included talking to many people over the last few weeks. The point of these teacher/client surveys to get teacher’s thought on what they want in this airstream trailer since they will be the ones using it for the next couple years. With the information that we gather the entire 10th grade engineering class created a bar graph showing what things are in high demand for the trailer and what things are in low demand. This bar graph was very helpful for all designers to see the kind of things we should be focusing on; we were also instructed to analysis the survey in our design notebooks.  When analyzing I discovered the things in high demand include a table/work areas, microwave, exterior seating, couches, dinette, coffee marker, refrigerator, and much more.  I also discovered the things in low demand which are a projector screen and purified water station. After analyzing Sierra and I started brainstorming about the different ways we can start designing and organizing how things will fit into the trailer.  I am very thankful to have a visual of our results because it allows us to think differently and be able to install what the clients truly want.

This is a wonderful picture of Sierra and I's inspiration board.

This is a wonderful picture of Sierra and I’s inspiration board.

To help us during this project we are also creating inspiration boards which can be found up and down the Ann Richards’ hallway. Inspiration boards are meant to be place where anything such as art clippings, magazines clippings, interest ideas, and even ideas for Google. The point of an inspiration board is to get ideas flowing and to get inspiration into making the final product. The idea Sierra and I had was to install a type of bookshelf into the curved ends of the wall, this way  it would act as a bookshelf where there could also be a charging station, a music station, and others things would be able to be installed. This is an effective design plan because it allows us to do a lot with the space and make more room in the airstream for the clients to actually walk around.Simple Machines

Another thing is that we have been learning about simple machines this way we can incorporate them into the overall final design the airstream. We were given a power point to take notes on, on levers and wheel & axels which are two types of simple machines. We have spent the last couple of class periods learning all about these simple machines and how they can benefit us during our project and the design process. In class we did a whole lab dedicated to learning and solving learning lever situations with all the three types of levers. We also did a wheel & axel activity where we ventured around the school finding actually wheel & axel machines and solving for certain component.  I am excited to incorporate simple machines into the overall design and I think knowing this information allows more creative ideas, so I am happy we are learning it.

Since we are getting deeper into process we also have to start deciding the certain themes that we want for our trailer. The Vedastein Design Company decided that whatever theme we chose, it should be creative, authentic, and makes the clients feel at home. First a good place to start is seeing what colors would have good reactions for people. Meaning that colors make people feel different things so the trick is choosing the right color clients feel at peace and not sick. So I did some research on seeing what colors made people feel what and here are some of my results. Black is a color that reminds people of mystery and seriousness, meaning that this may be a color we want to stay away from because we want people to feel at home. Blue is a relaxing color that is actually proven to reduce blood pressure. This is a great color to include in the airstream because we want to feel relaxed. Green is another color that makes one feel at home because it symbolizes clean, freshness, and happiness. Yellow is an irritating color that one cannot focus on for long meaning we probably want to stir clear of this color. This is only a few examples, moving on.

When we were interviewing teachers’ earlier in the process, one of our many questions to some was what kind of themes they wanted. One interesting answer we received was from Mrs. Clark who liked the idea of a 1970s theme. The reasoning behind this theme was that it would be ironic because the airstream trailer is from 1977. So to follow up on this idea I did so research on groovy 70s theme that would work for the trailer. I decided after researching 70s theme that the best way to incorporate it into the trailer is that we add certain components of 70s furniture like a rug, lamp, or art work. We can add in this 70s theme components into a modern theme, it would be a very into mix that will look interesting put together. Another theme and designs that I was looking into was European type of design. What I mean by European is that it is clean look and will consist of whites and pops of color. Having a European theme will also include having artwork and teacups (meaning that the electric kettle will be very useful).  A European theme will also mean that the designer should incorporate wood and stone for both the interior and exterior. A benefit to having a European theme is that we can use older and restored furniture such as cabins, by using older furniture it really gives off the European theme. I can inform you that over the next couple class we are working on the floor plan. My only worry right now is that we will run out of time for our 1st milestone due in January. But, it must be done.

By adding a pillow it adds a pop of groovy to the room.

By adding a pillow it adds a pop of groovy to the room.

This is an example of a European theme, this has so white and green to give it that clean feel.

This is an example of a European theme, this has so white and green to give it that clean feel.

By having groovy wallpaper it can add affect to the trailer to give it a 70s theme.

By having groovy wallpaper it can add affect to the trailer to give it a 70s theme.

So what do you think viewers? What identity should the whale take on? Should the whale be European or modern day groovy? Tell me what you think in the comment sections or ask questions? Remember to keep checking in on the updates for project Ventura so you can see what really goes down when we attack the whale with this project. Thanks for reading! Maya Out!


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