Green Materials and Planning of the floor plans! – Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hey there! It’s Sierra with another update on our adventurous project ventura! It has been a little bit slow this week, but exciting none the less! We lost two work days of class, because we had a huge Louisiana college field trip wednesday through friday. Last Tuesday before the trip, our school hosted a green expo. There were 9 tables set up, each with different stores, and groups of people all working to help others be more environmental friendly. I found that the Women.Design.Build., Treehouse, and Lighthouse Solar had the most helpful tips for Maya and I. All had great things to say though!

Silver and Shine, Our Airstream is a dime!

Silver and Shine, Our Airstream is a dime!

Our inspiration Board is filling up with pictures!

Our inspiration Board is filling up with pictures!

The man working at the Treehouse table told Maya and I not to use wood. It is very expensive, and there are more eco-friendly options. He then went on to list about four other options that were more cost efficient and won’t harm the environment. The one material he named that caught my eye the most was bamboo. I had not considered bamboo, but when the bamboo is flat, it almost looks just like normal wood. It is smooth and cost much much less than loads of wood! It would be perfect! Another thing The Treehouse man had brought to my attention is what kind of lighting we are going to have. He showed some nice LED lightbulbs that are suppose to last for years on years on years. Not only do these light bulbs last close to forever, but they also save much more energy than the typical light bulb. When talking to lighthouse solar, the men said to calculate the different number of watts it takes to use what ever we want in the trailer (microwave, printer, lights, etc.) and put the numbers in a spreadsheet. They said that they would like to visit our school and help show all of us how to do it. The LED light only uses 11 watts! This means there is more energy available and less money spent!

After talking with Treehouse, Maya and I ventured off to talk with the Women.Design.Build. A few weeks before I had started on some different floor plans for the trailer. I asked the women at the table for any suggestions for the floor plans. She pointed out that we did a good job with making sure there is space. We want to have enough space for people to stand and move around, without feeling too crowded. The idea of our floorplan is to have a nice booth at the end curve of the trailer, that will seat about 6 people, and then have two smaller booths lining the side of the trailer each seating 4 people. Then at the other curved end of the trailer there will be a bookshelf, which holds materials, different appliances, and more. The women said to have natural light, and the bookshelves wood cover up the window at the end, so she helped us design a bookshelf kind of thing going around the window. I am super excited to continue working on the floor plan, and the layout. I think the layout Maya and I have is a good one! Improvements can always be made, but yes, I am ready to do this!


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