Interiorly and Externally Design Ideas! (Interiorly Is a Real Word BTW), Alexandra Triampol – MAAT Design Firm

     Welcome viewers, to another installment of Ventura blog posts by your’s truly, Alex!  Not much has occurred for the project.  We did just come back from a class trip to Louisiana last Friday at 11:00 pm.  We’ve mainly been focusing on learning how to calculate Ideal Mechanical Advantages (IMA) and Actual Mechanical Advantages (AMA) from the simple machines such as levers, pulleys, wheels and axles, inclined planes, wedges, and screws.  I understand most of it, but some of the problems really confuse me at times.  Anyway, that’s not the main idea for what I’m blogging about today.  I really want to get into the mindset of really designing the Airstream, interiorly and externally.  The cover picture for this blog is a Mario and Luigi themed Airstream.  I think it would be super cool if we could paint the exterior (and/or interior) of the Airstream.  As a girl-gamer, I really loved this trailer, just because of the design.  If we can do the same with our trailer, (the feeling/reaction of seeing a painted trailer) I think we can really make this Airstream a one-of-a-kind.

It's not a 1970s Airstream, but it's got a sunroof! :)

It’s not a 1970s Airstream, but it’s got a sunroof! 🙂

     So after reviewing the teacher surveys, one of the many ideas really stood out.  My teacher, Ms. Dicuffa, suggested to create a sunroof in the Airstream.  I think that’s an awesome idea!  I tried looking up some pictures of trailers that have sunroofs, but they aren’t really considered Airstreams.  All the trailers that did have a sunroof were tiny portable trailers that you would probably use for camping.  It’s the same idea though, having a sunroof.  It could just be one small one in the middle or multiple ones scattered.  I found a website that shares how to install a sunroof.  It’s a PDF file.  I’m not entirely sure it’s compatible with our 1970s Airstream trailer, but it certainly gives up some idea on how to actually do it. This is the website:

It's a sunroof that this person installed into their trailer.  It's from the PDF file in the link.

It’s sunroof this person installed into their trailer. It’s from the PDF file in the link.

     I think there is an area for it on the roof of the Airstream.  I remember there being a latch/handle/screw thing that you could turn and possible open.  My plan, which will sound a lot more simpler said than done, is to open the “door/window latch thing” and remove it.  Then we could input some glass, some thick plastic, or whatever material used for windows.  Since it will get scorching hot in Texas, we can install a small curtain to cover it.  We’d drill in a rod, add a curtain, and small hook at the bottom to keep it attached to the ceiling.  That’s just an idea.  (Can I copyright that? o.O)

The bench in this picture might not have sliding doors, but our bench should totally have one.

The bench in this picture might not have sliding doors, but our bench should totally have one.

     Another idea was when I was looking through some pictures for the Inspiration Board out in our hallway.  I can’t remember which picture it was, but there was a picture I found that had a really nice bench.  I found another picture, with a similar bench.  I was thinking that we could build a bench with storage at the bottom.  The bench would have sliding doors and we could store the foldable tables, extra chairs, or pillow cushions that sit on the bench inside them.  This would maximize size and storage areas.  I’m pretty sure there are stores that actually sell items like this, but we have to build everything.  Either way, I think this would be an awesome addition to the interior design of the trailer.  Also, this is also another idea that would maximize space.  We were talking to the founder of Women Build Design, Christina Mirando, about how to increase space, and she said that we could have foldable tables.  She was talking about having tables that are attached to the walls that you can pull down, like those in wall folding iron boards.  I believe that’s totally doable.  We just need a couple pieces of wood, paint, hinges, screws, and nails. 🙂


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