So much to learn- Laura Morales, LuLa’s design team

Today after school we had a Green Building Expo that we had to attend to. The expo had different organizations  that we were going to have information that is going to help us in our project. The different organizations that attended the expo were Habitat for Humanity, Women-Design-Build, Treehouse, Native Plants Society, Lighthouse Solar, Austin Water, The Nature Conservancy, Innovative Water Solutions, and Compost pedalers.

The reason we had to stay was to ask different questions to the different organizations. The question had to be related to the Airstream, so it would be easier for us to work with during the project. All of the organizations gave us really good advice on how we should make the airstream eco-friendly, which is one of the requirements that we have.

This is a picture of one of the representatives of Women-design-build. This organization is going to help us when we are building inside the airstream in the spring. She told us the different tools that we were going to use, example the different screws.  

This is another picture of one of the representatives of the Austin water.

One of the interesting things that I learned with the representative of the Habitat for Humanity was that they help people get/buy a house for a price that fits their income. And that some of the material that are needed to build or repair a house are donated. I thought that was interesting because, this organization will help some of the girls and people in Austin that we affected by the flood.

Some things that I learn that are going to be helpful for the garden was that we should use native plants of Texas. That way the garden won’t look bad when the seasons change. And that we should have a harvest water tank, like the one that we have outside the courtyard. Using a harvest water tank would be eco-friendly because we would be using rainwater that will be collected in the tank.  The last thing that would be helpful was to use plants that would keep mosquitos/ insects away from the Airstream. I got this advice from the representative of The Nature Conservancy.

In  the LIghthouse Solar, the two representatives gave us really good advice on how the solar panels work. One way that would help us figure out how much energy was going to be use in the airstream was to make a load analysis. This analysis sheet is going to help us know how many solar panels are going to be used.  One way to make the solar panels produce  more energy is to put it  directly facing the sun in the south direction, and for the solar panel to be tilted about 30 degrees for better lighting. Two things that I learned while talking to the representatives was that the panel produce more energy during the summer because the sun is more hot and it takes longer to go down. And that the rain helps the panels stay clean and it helps it produce energy, because of the electrons that the water carries with them.


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