Getting Closer… Milestone numero uno :D – Bethany, Ever-Green Design Firm

OrganizzationHello again 🙂

I am here to inform you that this week has been going well. We have the interviews and a bunch of cool stuff going on. We have been adding new things to our inspiration boards and GETTING CLOSER to how we want our final model is going to look like. Just a few days ago we had a fair. Many people from different eco friendly organizations came and we interviewed them. I found this really fascinating because the speakers talked about stuff we don’t normally hear that is going on, in our community at this time. We met really inspiring people that will help us with this project. Knowing that we have so many supporters is really cool in my opinion, having these amazing people who will also come out and help us with the actual thing is very nice of them. These experts actually got me and many of my peers more interested in eco friendly alternatives that we will surely use on the airstream. The speakers also got me, and no doubt many others interested in different organizations that one day we also can join, or bring awareness of. We had people from Water Austin come, Women Design Build and organizations like that.

Water Austin has many seasonal organizations, the most recent one that I have looked at is Operation Blue Santa… It is non-profit, community based corporation, organized by the Austin Police Department, with support from the Austin Fire Department, Austin Energy, Austin Water Utilities and Texas National Guard. Each year they provide each family they serve with a full holiday meal and wrapped Christmas gifts for each child under age 14. Their service to citizens of Austin began back in 1972 serving about 20 families, this year they will easily serve over 3800 families. This is only possible because of the goodwill and big hearts of Austin’s citizens, businesses, and civic groups that support us each year.

Down below is a little of what  Austin Water look for…

Austin Water

Water Conservation

The 3Cs…Commit, Calculate and Conserve

Saving water is easier than you might think. Just know your 3Cs:


Decide to change a few habits, make some simple repairs, or upgrade an appliance or two. That’s all it takes to make a big difference in your water use.


Visit and check out our online water calculator. Answer a few questions and the calculator will pinpoint some of the water wasters in your home. You will also get tips on easy ways to conserve.


Pledge to reduce your water use by 10 percent and you’re automatically entered in our 3C contest to win a water-efficient washer and matching dryer. But hurry, the contest deadline is September 1st.

If everyone in our area reduced their water use by 10%, we’d save over 13 million gallons of water per day! It’s up to us to help ensure safe, high-quality drinking water for the future.

Also Woman Design Build will probably help us with the construction of the final product that is what we are all looking forward to. We will meet really cool women who also look for that feeling of having something build by their own hands and not just standing on the sideline while watching the man do it. I really believe this would be a nice project with the help and support of everyone so please read our blogs and stay updated 😀WOMEN DESIGN BUILD


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