MODEL UP! – Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hello everyone, and welcome to another blog that will take you into the day to day process of the Ventura Project!

During last class period we were given time to come up with a plan to “divide and conquer” a part of the Ventura Project that will be due before we get out for the winter break which is fast approaching. My group, Dream Designers, decided that Faith and I will work on the model of the Airstream, while Julie will work on researching appliances, electrical wiring, and other things like that. I’m actually really excited to start making the model of the Airstream. We haven’t had time to pick the floor plan yet, but I know that’ll be the first thing we do when we get back from Thanksgiving break.

We also went outside (in the cold winter day) during last class period and jotted down measurements of the Airstream (ex. length and width of the different windows, the door frame, the tires, etc.) that we will use when creating the Airstream model. Our team decided to divide and conquer within the divide and conquer and team up with another group to take the measurements of the Airstream. Together, we were able to record all the measurements of the Airstream, all that’s left to do is put the measurements into a drawing or picture that will be easy to understand, because right now it all looks like chicken scratch.

An example of Pinspiration.

An example of Pinspiration.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, I’ve been using Pinterest as inspiration, and I’ve even been able to find a few floor plans that have helped me create my own floor plans. My previous floor plans were done without knowing very precise measurements of the Airstream and without knowing the placement of many things (ex. windows, doors), but now that we have a lot more measurements I’m ready to give the floor plans another shot. The teacher interviews gave us a good idea of what the clients wanted and what they not so much wanted. Knowing this information, it’s important that my team remember to leave a lot of space for the clients wants when creating floor plans.

A list of all the businesses at the Green Expo.

A list of all the businesses at the Green Expo.

During the Green Building Expo last Tuesday, Dream Designers was able to learn a lot of interesting things that we can use towards designing the Airstream. We were able to visit many of the booths, such as the Native Plant Society, Nature Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity, Treehouse, and Innovative Water Solutions. All the people representing their business gave us excellent advice for what we can do to make our Airstream more eco-friendly. The Nature Conservancy suggested that we use energy created by people to power the Airstream, so we could potentially power things in the Airstream with energy created by the athletic training room, which is conveniently right next to where the Airstream has been placed. Treehouse suggested that we use a type of flooring that is made from recycled carpet, also recommended by Treehouse is that we use LED light bulbs, because they are more environmentally friendly than regular light bulbs and they come with a lifetime warranty. Another suggestion, which came from the Native Plant Society, was that we use native Texas plants that act as a natural insect repellant in the garden of the Airstream.

That’s all for now, see you next time! And have a happy Thanksgiving!


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