The Struggle is HERE ! -Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design

              Hello my fellow bloggers, sorry I haven’t been blogging in the past week. Let me catch up to what we have being doing these past few days.  Well me and Laura were focusing more on going into the mechanics of the trailer. We went into depth of the wheel and axle of the trailer. Mrs. Jo had a wonderful idea of letting us go around our natural surroundings around the school. The task she had us do was go around our surroundings  to find things that have wheel and axle. What we got out of this activity was how the wheel and axle works and which way it can rotate and how they work separately, for example the wheel has to turn in order for the axle to rotate. This activity showed us that their was 2 ways of rotation in the form of a wheel axle.

              We have not only focused on mechanics, in school we had an expo after school. This after school activity was called Green Building-Expo. This will help me and Laura out a lot. We went around to ask the following companies how to structure our airstream to become more eco-friendly. As a team we really had no idea where to actually start to make our trailer more Eco- friendly but now that we went to this expo asking questions to actual professionals really help in many ways. A company that really helped out me and Laura was Lighthouse Solar. This company gave me an Laura many ideas on where to start with our solar panels . He also gave help on how to add our electronics to find out the total cost and the amount of electricity needed.

Something else we had the pleasure to do was create our 1st floor plans. This is a big step into our project because floor plans for an airstream, is pretty hard to do. You have to creative and you also have to think about what your client wants. So what we did was analyse our teacher survey. We had to include the top most appliances that the teacher had chosen. From here we created our floor plan. From here we had to go outside in the cold to measure the trailers height, and the length of the windows and the door so we can have an image in our head so we can sketch our floor plans to scale. This is a little difficult for me because this is hard for me to picture I am more of a hands on person so I would have to go out and measure the length of our appliances to have an image in my head, so I can be able to visualize how big and the space between the appliances. Well that’s what has being going on in these past weeks. Hope you enjoyed my journal entry, well till next time fellow viewers.


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