What is Step One? – Faith Vanderburg, Design Dreamers

Dream Designers strive to make our clients’ dreams come true. Now that they’ve shared their ideas with us, it is time to take the first step in making dreams real.

This week Dream Designers went to the Greenhouse Expo where companies, such as TreeHouse, Habitat for Humanity, Native Plant Society and many others set up tables in the school courtyard to share what they do for a living. Everyone was very friendly and answered our questions openly and enthusiastically. Holly Pavonetti, the representative for Nature Conservancy, gave a great idea of building a trellis around the Airstream and growing vines on it so there is shade in the summer and sun in the winter. Not only does this help with efficiency but adds something pretty in an undesirable space. Kane, from TreeHouse, gave really good feedback on eco-friendly materials like bamboo floors and non-toxic paint and recommended that in cleaning the Airstream we use non-toxic cleaners.

An example of non toxic paint and bamboo flooring that would be a great addition to the Airstream

Now that we have all this information, what is the first step?

Let’s check the Teacher Survey Analysis!

A microwave and coffee maker are on the top of the list with table/work area, charging station and exterior seating. Couches and a refrigerator were tied with shared resources, dinette and music. So this looks like a working Airstream rather than a party, break-from-work, sleeping time trailer. (Especially since the number one activity would be planning with other teachers rather than eating lunch which was second.) I thought this Airstream would be more for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company through lunch but the client knows what they want.

I do not have any prior experience with trailers or Airstreams. The closest thing to a trailer I’ve known is a trailer park, which I only saw through the Disney movie: Bolt. So, I’m not sure how to make the most of the Airstream space. Recently, I made some floor plans – making sure to incorporate everything that the teachers want – and there is still a lot of space left over. What else can I do with the space besides living it empty? While reading information about the Airstream and its beginnings there are always pictures representing a floor plan of any given model. These floor plans seem busy but the interior looks so spacious and comfortable; this is what I hope to accomplish with my floor plan. I’m also looking forward to how Gabby and Julie (the other two members of Dream Designers) have planned out the interior of the fresh new and exciting Airstream. What will be the unique features that we can combine into one design?

Interior of an Airstream. Doesn’t it look cozy?

I can just see the headline now, “Dream Designers make another dream come true!” And the article would talk about our great teamwork and all the people we made happy. One of the greatest pieces of information I got was from Fiona Marzurenko, worker at Habitat for Humanity, “The client chooses everything.” Maybe the real first step in being successful isn’t about the client, the goal or even the materials, but having a united group that will help you beyond Step One.


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