We Have a Floor Plan, What’s Next? Abigail Dougherty, M.A.A.T. Design Firm

Here we have 2 of my floor plans before we started mashing our ideas together!

Here we have 2 of my floor plans before we started mashing our ideas together!

Hello yet again most wonderful Project Ventura followers! Alas, it is time for me to share the ups, downs, discoveries, and adventures of the past few weeks. Since I have last written to y’all, much has happened. We have completed our Inspiration Board, and finally began the sketching of our floor plans.

What seemed like a very stretched out process is finally coming into a clear vision. After a few months of doubting ourselves, we have finally begun to work and progress with our project. Currently, my team is trying to come together on a final floor plan. This seemingly simple task has shown much more complication than expected. Rather than simply choosing one floor plan, my team has to mush all of our designs together. This is simply because my team is constructed of stubborn individuals (myself included) and compromise is our best hope. One common thing we found in all of our floor plans, was the inclusion of collapsable tables.

This is the list of companies we talked to about eco-friendly building

While we were beginning to design our floor plans, we met up with many individuals from various eco-friendly companies such as, Habitat for Humanity, Women-Design-Build, Treehouse, and Lighthouse Solar. Each company had beneficial information to share with my team. With Women-Design-Build, we talked to a woman about the ways we should construct tables as well as different styles of furniture that would be space efficient. One of the best pieces of information she shared with us regarded the unique design of having collapsable tables attached to the walls for optimal space. Because the Airstream is quite small, having as much space as possible is necessary to keep an organized space. At Habitat for Humanity, we talked to a representative about the materials we will use for the construction of the Airstream, as well as where to get them. With the man from Treehouse, we talked about various materials that are eco-friendly, as well as long lasting. In my opinion, one of the coolest things he showed us was the eco-friendly LED lightbulbs. These lightbulbs were like CFL lights, except they lasted 30-40 years. While these bulbs were found to be more expensive, they last longer and have a much better effect on the environment than a standard CFL or Halogen light bulb.

In order to complete our floor plans and 3D models, our team must commit to some extra hours outside of class. My team M.AA.T. Design Firm, is planning on meeting after school, as well as this up-coming weekend so that we can decide on our floor plan, and tape it out in the Airstream. In my opinion, it is important that we map out what we are building in full scale, before we construct it out of cardboard.

This is one of the pictures I saw on Pinterest that gave me some Inspiration!

This is one of the pictures I saw on Pinterest that gave me some Inspiration!

As far as research goes, I have found Pinterest and Tumblr to be great resources for floor plans and ideas about the design. On both websites, I have enjoyed looking at other people’s renovated Airstreams, and getting ideas based on how they constructed things, as well as individually designed things. The most interesting and useful piece I found was regarding couches and seating. I found that to conserve space, it is an extremely excellent idea to have seating that can have easy access to storage. With this information, I was able to quickly apply it to my individual floor plans. In the next few weeks, my team will be doing a lot of work to ensure the completion of a great design. It will be tough, but I am looking forward to the day in which I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and our 3-D model is completed!


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