Stressed out yet?. . . .-Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

The Airstream

The Airstream

Hello, again, my fellow friends!

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to all you about what we were doing in our Principles of Engineering class. I’ll give you a refresher of what we were doing in class two weeks ago, we basically learned about simple machines and their functions in the real world and we also were able to build our inspiration board. Now to begin with what I was going to say, what we did in last class (11/25/13) we were able to create our individual team schedules and goals for the remaining of the semester. We were also able to begin our 1:18 scale models of the airstream, meaning one person was in charge of finding the entire dimensions of the trailer and then converting them to a 1:18 ratio scale, we are going to use this data to create our model of the airstream. The Ever-Green design firm was also able to choose their floor plan for the airstream. This project is getting real, and by real I mean real real, like human like real. Overall, this class day was very chaotic we had to wrap up the first milestone for the project before December 17th .

This class day not only did we learn about our last assignments needed for the year, but also about organization with the work schedule given in class and responsibility. I found this class day to be very stressful because we had to accomplish a lot in a short period of time, but my group and I were able to accomplish a lot by the end of the class.

For the research portion of the project I decided to learn more about floor planning and I came to discover Mark Bennett, an artist who sketches floor plans of famous television homes, such as The Flintstones, I love Lucy, The Addams Family and many more. I looked further into Mark Bennett and his pieces of art, I came to an understanding that he as a 1960’s kid described himself as a “television addict”, he would watch and re-watch episodes until he was capable of knowing every little detail of more than 45 situation comedies. Bennett was able to reconstruct homes that were only use in TV, changing the way we saw the homes of famous shows into an actual realistic vision. He makes us realize how these ideas, of the architecture and interiors of the home, can be mirrored in our own domestic architecture.

This research can help our design firm by reminding us that every little detail can help us in the creation of the interior of our Airstream project. We can also keep in mind that whenever we are revising our floor plans we can incorporate items that can be found in our own homes. We will keep Mark Bennett’s work in the back of our minds when working on this project.This class day was very productive and made our brains itch for approximately an hour and 29 minutes, but at the end all of this hard work will pay off. Although I almost died, I liked having challenges in this class, I guess thats the only way anyone can learn, by being faced with challenges, such as measuring the entire Airstream in a cold windy day.

Dimensions of The Airstreams Buttox

Dimensions of The Airstreams Buttox


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