There are all kinds of models… serious, goofy and the Jedi Design Team’s model. – Jessica Swofford

Hello! And welcome back to the Jedi Design Team’s blog! This is Swofford here, reporting to you all the way from Jedi headquarters, the engineering lab. I haven’t ever told you where all of this magic that we are all talking about happens! Well, our engineering class has its own lab room, where we are able to lay out and work until our hearts are fulfilled. It is actually pretty welcoming and a mostly stress-free zone and it even has giant windows on the back wall with a great view of our beautiful Airstream. I love the placement of our Airstream. We were originally going to put it in the courtyard of our school, but we thought about it more and came to the realization that no teacher is going to want to use the Airstream if it is in a location where students hang out and somewhere where about half of the classrooms can see directly from the classroom. Because of this we decided to put the Airstream on the side of the small gym/the back courtyard.

The original spot for the Airstream.

Now, back to the current events happening in the ARS lab! Now that we have learned about simple machines and sketch and scale properly, we are starting to build a 3D model of the Airstream and deciding which design we would like to use.  We have started the process of this all by deciding which appliances we are using and calculating how much energy we will use in total every day, week, and year, measuring everything in and outside of the Airstream and even labeling a model of the entire Airstream. Now that we have started, it is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! Everything is a specific length and if anything is off, it looks awkward and messes something else in the design up. I cannot wait until we actually start to build the model. My favorite part of engineering is putting the design all together and building it, even if it is only a model. Our plan for the 3D model is to use thin wood that is bendable and to put it all together we will most likely use little tiny nails that have a flat top, so that they don’t take away from the design or in other words, “make it ugly”. But then again, nothing the Jedi Design team makes is ugly. It just can’t be. It’s illegal for that to happen. Seriously though, its in our Team Norms.









Some of our inspiration on our design board.

Some of our inspiration on our design board.

Another thing that I forgot to mention in my last blog is that we finished all of our interviews and received a lot of great feedback! One teacher that I really enjoyed interviewing was Mrs.Ewart. She gave us all of her ideas, no matter how ridiculous they sounded and gave her honest opinion about everything. After finishing all of our interviews, we made a chart with all of the results and we are now using that to help us decide what we definitely have to have in the trailer and what none of the teachers would use.

2/3 of The Jedi Design Team interviewing Mrs.Ewart.

2/3 of The Jedi Design Team interviewing Mrs.Ewart.


Thanks for hangin’ with me and listening/reading about The Jedi Design Teams progress on this crazy adventure to design an Airstream!

Until further excitement- Swofford





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