The Day of Freezingness, On Which We Actually Accomplished Things – Maya Messinger, M.A.A.T. Design Firm

Last post! Sigh… Not sure if that was out of joy or sorrow, actually. Just kidding! I know which one it is. I’m actually writing this early– shocker – because I’m kinda busy this week. Most of the first half of this post will be done before class even happened this week. But! Fear not about a bunch of filler words with no actual content so I can meet my word count quota. There will be content, as soon as I can think of some to add.

Content like my initial floor plans for the Airstream.

Content like my initial floor plans for the Airstream.

OK, first things first! We started some scary stuff that is about to actually happen! Like, we spent an entire class period freezing our derrières outside and dimensioning the trailer. That’s right, engineering word used! Basically, we went out into the Airstream and measured to the windows, to the walls, ‘til sweat… I digress. That song was actually sung a bit on the Day of Freezingness. But really, we went outside, decked out in jackets and gloves, and measured windows, window frames, the space between the windows, the space between windows and the ceiling, the space between the door and the floor – hey, that rhymes! (I digress again.) Anyways again… You should see Alex’s notebook (the one everything got written in – picture below). It’s crazy and unintelligible for the most part, but there was a method to our madness. And why do we need to know that there is 2/3 inch from the window on the left of the door to the rounded ceiling? Because we’re about to hit… MILESTONE ONE! That’s right, people, for just 3 easy installments of one major grade each, we can get a final grade for the first part of our Ventura project! Allow me to explain… Milestone one, all parts due by the end of the semester, is when we have to build a 1:18 scale 3D floor plan (model) of what our team’s design for the trailer will look like. We will build a mini-Airstream, accurate with each window and its 1.33 inch border (really .07 inch, if you use the scale) out of cardboard and whatever materials Ms. Jo bought us. This is what teachers will vote on, ergo how the final floor plan will be chosen.


Alex’s crazy sketches.

Table example for the load calculations. Luckily, some calculations were done by the authors of a book we read. Fridge and mic, for example.

Table example for the load calculations. Luckily, some calculations were done by the authors of a book we read. Fridge and mic, for example.

We also have to do some load calculations, which translates to doing a lot of math to see how much electricity all of our appliances will suck up. Due to demand, we will most definitely have an air conditioning unit, fridge, microwave, and some electrical outlets for computers, phones, etc. Teams can also add extra stuff that wasn’t explicitly (in this case, see definition 2 of “explicit”; not “inappropriate”, but “specific”) desired. MAAT Design Firm will definitely be adding extra features, but, due to competition and this being a public blog, will not be stating what said extra features will be. Teachers reading this, vote for us, because our features are better than everybody else’s. Anyways, load calculations because we will have SOLAR PANELS! The Airstream, as you know, has been parked in its new home, right by a roof beautifully positioned to get a lot of sunlight. (Not that finding sunlight is a problem in Texas…) The roof will have a solar array specifically for the Airstream, and we need to calculate how big that array needs to be to suit our needs. We will 99% likely also end up using some electricity from the grid, too, but the E in VENTURA stands for eco-friendly. We try.

Otherwise, I’ve been noticing a lot more Airstreams, and Austin being a place for hippies, there are some pretty cool inspirations. My bus route happened to pass a yard that had 3 Airstreams in it. I saved the name of the intersection and am wondering if we could visit. Would that be awkward for the owner? I also found a forum just for renovating Airstreams. Can you say perfect? I think it would be a great place for getting help from experienced Airstream owners if when we need it. Check out my Pinterest Project Ventura board, too: There are some B&Bs, work studios, and general ideas for specific places in the Airstream. They have some pretty cool websites linked to them.

It’s been kinda fun posting my thoughts on this blog, and it’s helped me realize what I want to do by forcing me to really think about the floor plan. You can still read quite a few more posts from the rest of the girls, but this is the last round, and after Winter Break, we’ll probably only be tweeting pics of us working. So for the last time, this is Maya Messinger. Over and out.

By the way, my witty last line was a CB term, which I was inspired to use since Airstreams are, duh, travels trailers. Check out this Wikipedia article that has, like, 5 bajillion CB slang terms:


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