Workin’ on the Weekends – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

Hey, viewers!  How’s life going for ya?  It’s not going so well with me.  Our Milestone 1, which is basically the prep stage, is our Final for school.  Yeeaaahh… The best part is that it’s due next Tuesday.  Yeeaaahh… Fun times, ya’ll…  So far, I think we’ve made decent progress.  Our plans are to create an 18:1 scale model of the Airstream, create a table of all the electrical specifications of all electrical appliances, present it to a panel of judges, and hope not to die before our other finals for other classes.  All in a day’s work.  NOT.


Hey it’s me! Yeah…no selfies please, trying to do my work. Looking at MicroFridges by the way. It’s totally copyrighted.

I actually didn’t expect to come to school on a weekend.  Guess what?  I did.  You don’t hear that everyday now do ya?  (Unless you’re a teacher, then I feel for ya.)  My group members, Maya and Abby, came to school on Saturday around 10 am to work on our model and table of electrical appliances.

Double Pic

Abby and I are taking more measurements. Funny fact: Abby’s tights are matching today. She’s always got them mixed matched.

This is how we’ve split up the work:  I’m working on the electrical appliances, and Maya and Abby are building the model.  Boy, did I sure make the wrong choice.  I’m quite terrible with the subject of electricity and anything to do with physics, such as finding voltage, watts, etc.  I’m not sure how I managed physics, but I got by somehow.  Most of the appliances tell you how many volts and watts it consumes or uses.  It’s not all bad, but I find this job to be tedious and strenuous.  Now, you may think, “What’s so hard about searching up things on the internet?”  You’ve got to find the most energy efficient appliance.  That’s really hard seeing as how most of those appliances are expensive.  Say that you find a really good appliance.  Turns out it won’t tell you any specifications on it, even when you look at the user’s manual where it’s supposed to tell you.  It’s infuriating really…

To say the least, I’d prefer to work on the model.  Even though I have a hard time with the U.S. Customary System, (like figuring out a third of an inch, it’s really sad, honestly) I’d be better off with helping Abby create the model than figuring out how many amperes per hour there are in a coffee maker.  I like using computers and software and all, but building stuff is one of my true callings. 🙂

Abby and I also stayed after school one day when it was freezing cold out.  We had to go get a few more measurements of the trailer for the model.  At this point, it was crazy to go out.  It wasn’t snowing or anything, but it was very unreasonable to go out.  Our pain and suffering was not it vain though!  We retrieved the measurements, and completed most of the front part of the trailer model.  On that Saturday, we created the middle part of the trailer model.  Mind you that this is our rough draft.  It was difficult to construct one part of the trailer model curve, so we are now creating a final one, today in class.

On a happy note, on that Saturday, Maya found a dragonfly.  You’re probably thinking, “How in the world does this pertain to engineering?”  Well, to be frank, it doesn’t.  But it’s nice to have a change of pace, you know?  Maya found a frozen dragonfly out by the portable and brought it in.  After a few minutes in the portable, the dragonfly’s wings started to twitch.  Then it flew right up to the ceiling!  O.O  Here’s a little known fact about myself: I’m terrified of bugs of any kind, butterflies included.  It was so unexpected!  That thing flew around like crazy!


This is Frankiestein, AKA Twitchy. Not sure which name we’re going with. I said a small eulogy for him before he flipped out on us. Gender unknown.


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