Custom Design Were making an Airstream trailer Yo ! – Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design

     Hello fellow streamers. Well I pretty much haven’t talked to you in a while sorry about that. So lets get to the chase. What we have done these past few weeks has been pretty stressful. Something we have being up against has being up to our tasks. The tasks Mrs. Jo gave us the task of making a chart of the electrical appliances we need. Something else we have to do is make a model of our airstream. This is the stressful part for me and my partner. But we are struggling through it, together. Let me tell you about the our 1st task. Making a Chart based on your electrical appliances.We will have to figure out how our AC and DC current matches and how we will be able to make this a better by making it eco-friendly. We will calculate the Amps and the voltage that each of our appliances take up. This will help me and Laura get a better view of our floor plan of our airstream.

AC/ DC Current

Hours and days


Amps/ Hours

Coffee Maker (DC)



6 plug in

5 Lights



30 min









(This is our Chart that we are currently using to find how much energy is needed to create the solar panel.)

     The other following task we have, is making our life size airstream into a model. This is taking a lot of measuring and reducing to inches. The math is the part that is not the strongest side of me so me and Laura are getting through it. For this task we have to build  a miniature airstream. In other words we have to make a small replica of the airstream. This will include all of our measurements and our floor plans. We will need an opening so that our clients will choose what floor plan they like the best. Our clients as you may know is our teachers they are our judges. We decided to just include the floor plan because we don’t want them to judge us on how “pretty” the airstream looks from the inside but how the floor plan is created.

     I believe that this part of the project is the hardest. I believe this because as a group of only 2 we need our skills. For example Laura is good at all the math material and researching and i’m good at designing and making decisions. But in other words I can see this project putting us to our exempt. This project will help me and Laura succeed more. Im pretty sure when im done ill be proud of myself knowing that we accomplished that. Engineering is one of my best subjects. This will help me in other classes by thinking about the materials that I have and also by helping me in math. Well I think thats all for today my fellow streamers. This is a pretty hard time for me but i’m having fun doing it. Until next time.



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