Finals Time, Crunch Time! – Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design

Hello once again! All of us are working hard to get lots done! In just one week we need to have a 1:18 scale model of the airstream (including our floorplan), and energy load calculations done! For the past few days Maya and I have been measuring, and deciding how to build our scale model. Building the model is really difficult, because not only does it have

The long list of measurements for the whale

The long list of measurements for the whale

 to be exact measurements, and super duper accurate, but the whole airstream is made up curves. If you have never made a scale model consisting of curve on curve on curve before, than count yourself lucky, because it is really difficult. Maya and I are trying to keep a positive attitude though.

Working hard on our soon to be fabulous model!

Working hard on our soon to be fabulous model!

We have come up with an idea to measure out each panel and construct the trailer each panel at a time. It is working for the side of the trailer, but the ends of the trailer are the worst parts. We are slowly but surely coming up with a design to create our scale model with. As my friend gus pointed out, it is just like sewing. If the ends of the paper, or whatever material is being used are bent, and fringed a little, it makes it easier to put the material together, and look neater. As well as the sewing technique, I have found that in my research that using the same material is best, as oppose to using a large variety of different materials. This will help the overall outcome look much neater, and put together.

Maya and I plan on having our scale model done by Friday. On Wednesday Ms. Jo told our class that someone in coming in to help us with our load calculations. This will be very helpful being that Maya and I don’t even know where to start. I have found a few eco-friendly appliances that would be perfect for our trailer! The hardest part of finding the appliances is finding things that run off of DC. We will have an inverter, but the problem with using inverters is that they drain lots of energy.

Maya and I are working hard, and are determined to get this all done in time! See ya next time!


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