Old Fades Into New – Faith Vanderburg, Dream Designers

It is crunch time for the Dream Designers and other companies alike. This will be the week where all of the modeling and calculations are done and ready. Luckily Julie is working on the calculations, because most of it is over my head (or I would try doing both the modeling and calculations . . .) So, Gaby and I are working on the modeling and finalizing the floor plan of the new teacher area.

Knowing what the teachers want is only the first half; the other is executing it in a fashionable way. What about something modern? The patterns are cool the techniques are unique and it provides somewhat of an illusion for the eye.

This is a modern table

Gabby and I decided that this approach would be best because of the secrets in our design. When I was younger there were lots of commercials about fold-up beds, and I desperately wanted one because it would provide more space in my room. A fold-up bed is a bed that you can push into the wall – either by pushing it back or flipping it up – and therefore the area underneath it will be exposed. Now, we are not incorporating a fold-up bed in the design (the teachers want a work space, not a sleeping haven), but something similar.


One example of a fold-up bed that fits into the wall

The Airstream will be divided into two sections; work and eating. On the half with the big window there will be a dinette area with some space in between the wall and the booth to allow room for shelving. At the other end will have a modern shelving cube for shared resources and the printer, along with long tables attached to the wall accompanied by cozy chairs.

The real trick will be having everything that the teachers want while making it appealing to the eye, but that is hard to do in a 1:18 scale model.

A few days after the GreenHouse Expo all of the groups went out and measured the Airstream in preparation for the 1:18 scale model. When I first of this model I was not sure how to properly get the measurements, but Ms. Jo mentioned that she had an app that could help on her iPad. Since there was an app to calculate this scale I figured there was some type of difficult Calculus equation that was programmed inside this app.


A confusing Calculus equation that is not needed for finding the measurements for a 1:18 model

While I was working on making the furniture for our 1:18 Airstream model I asked Ponce (Gabby) how to make it to scale. I was expecting for her to shrug and tell me to ask the teacher but she told me with a straight face, “Just divide it by 18.” Now I was the one with the shocked look on my face. Really, I could just divide by eighteen and -?  Sometimes the easy things can be over complicated, easily.

The design is set and the theme is picked; now everything needs to be executed, but I still have questions. Will the teachers like modern design? Will the furniture fulfill their expectations?

Will the teachers actually use the space? Like Jordan, a member of Jedi Design Team once said, “If the teachers fade out [from using the Airstream] then we [the Engineering students] will just fade in.”


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