“And the struggle begins”- Laura Morales, LuLa’s design team

Learning about solar power systems is difficult. You have to pay really good attention to what you’re reading about the solar power systems. There are different steps that you have to know to be able to set up the system and there are different parts that are you need to know how to work. One of the main parts on the solar power system that you need to know is the Controller. The controller is one of the most important parts of the system, without a controller you won’t be able to prevent overcharging. There are two types of controllers that can be used to achieve the same result but in different ways. One of them is a shunt-type that has a blocking drode to prevent reverse current. The other one is the series-type that contains a relay for controlling the voltage, it also blocks reverse current flow. Controllers either have an analog meter or LCD digital display, which provides readout of both battery voltage and ampere. That’s some of the knowledge that we have to know to be able to work with the panels. We also had to take a quiz over what we read, which was an easy quiz for me.

This is a picture of a controller. I got the picture from the reading; the packet had different diagrams and pictures of the system. The controller has the characteristics that I mentioned about.

The other thing that we have been working on is taking the measurements of the interior and exterior of the airstream. Taking the measurements is hard thing to do, since we have to be very accurate. The measurements of the interior were more difficult to get, since there were some objects that would make us get the wrong measurement. The other difficult thing was to get the measurement of the front and back windows, since there’s a curve that makes the measure longer than it is. After we had all the measurements we had to use the 1:18 scale to be able to make the model of the airstream. We could either chose to use inches or centimeters for the new measurements. We chose to use inches since the original measurements were in feet, and it was going to be easier for us to use inches than centimeters.

This is the chart that I created of the measurements of the airstream. All the different parts of the airstream have their original measure and the 1:18 scale measurement. The other thing that the chart has is the distance from the floor and the distance from one object to the other. Most of the windows of the airstream have the same measurements that we didn’t have to do a lot of work to change them to the 1:18 scale. One of the options that we had to convert all the measurements to the 1:18 scale was to divide the original measurement by 18, or we could have used an app that would do all the work for you. We used the app since it was faster to convert the measurements than be dividing the every measurement by 18. The other part of the chart.


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