Milestone #1 Here I Come- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog about Project Ventura.

This week has been very exciting as we have started working on milestone #1 (a scaled model of the Airstream)! My team, Dream

My Airstream model and I on the Saturday workday.

My Airstream model and I on the Saturday workday.

Designers, and I have spit up the work into two. Julie is working on the electrical parts, such as energy requirements of each appliance we will be using in our version of the Airstream of the model, and Faith and I are working on the actual model of the Airstream and the floor plan.

Last week, things started to really get moving. We used the measurements of the Airstream we took to create a table with  the scaled down measurements (1:18 scale). This has helped Faith and I the most because these measurements are crucial to the making of the scaled model. Faith and I got started with the pre-model (a model of the Airstream that we’re making before we make the actual model so we don’t make a huge mistake on the actual model) during class last week and after school. We finished a lot of the floor plan last week, which helped a lot now that we only have about half a week to complete Milestone #1.

The pre-model of the Airstream with the top opened and closed.

The pre-model of the Airstream with the top opened and closed.

We have completed (ish) the pre-model, and have started working on the actual model. It’s a bit nerve wrecking because I feel like I’m going to mess up big time and have to start all over. We actually got a work day on Saturday, and the class was invited to come in and work on the project, which helped a lot. Funny story… I may or may not have gotten my finger stuck in a spool on Saturday as I was cleaning up.

Pinterest has continued to be a huge help during this entire project. Last week while I was struggling to do the floor plan with Faith, Pinterest helped me get a perspective on where things in an Airstream should go and how much space everything takes up. Faith and I have also been using Pinterest to find inspiration on interesting furniture we can incorporate into the Airstream design. So far, we have gotten the idea of using hollowed out square pieces as a storage unit in the Airstream, and possibly creating seats that have a bottom that can come out so it would act as another storage unit (see picture).

An example of Pinspiration. The 3rd picture down shows the seating/storage.

An example of Pinspiration. The 3rd picture down shows the seating/place to store things.

We also had a packet over solar power systems that we were supposed to read over Thanksgiving break, and it had a lot of information over the electrical system of the Airstream. I think this will help Julie a lot for the time being, but once we get into the next semester I think the notes I took will be help a lot when the whole class has to help with the electrical system of the actual Airstream. The packet was really informative, it covered everything from what solar power is to how to figure out how many ampere-hours are needed in the battery bank to panel placement. The packet also had SEVERAL pictures, charts, and diagrams which helped everything click in my head. All in all, the solar power systems packet was a AWESOME resource (thanks Mrs. Jo).


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