Milestone numero uno due date creeping around the corner…- Bethany, Ever-Green Design Firm


This is Bethany and I am back to tell you about all the new and exciting things we are up to. With Milestone numero uno creeping around the corner we have a lot to do. So now I am just going to give you a small recap on what we have been doing…

First we went back to measure the Airstream which was a little hard considering the weather in Austin right now… It was freezing o:… never mind that, we still got the dimensions. After that we had to convert the measurements into a 1/18th scale for the 3-D model. We are also trying to search for appliances that are eco friendly and will take less AC and more DC current power. At the moment everyone is gathering everything up to get the final 3-D model done, and accurate calculations of how much power everything in the Airstream is going to take, and the cost for all of the appliances we need to take in mind. We don’t want to go way over our budget. The appliances have to be efficient, functional, but not so costly. We also had to chose a final model design floor plan. With this floor plan we are going to create the model, as accurate and realistic as we can.milestone

We are running short out of time and we need to get going to build the small model. We are doing well on time, but yet we could use any time we can get. In class we did plan to stay till 11pm on Friday to just work on our models and any finishing touches on our Milestone one. With Milestone one being our final we have to have everything finished by then. This is making everyone really nervous, but we know with dedication and effort we can make it. One thing that I am personally really excited for is a chance to participate in a engineering mentorship threw the Transportation YOU mentorship program, with the Woman in Transportation Seminar professional network (WTS) this semester. This program seeks to encourage young woman to consider higher education and careers in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the program was open to the 10th and 11th grade students enrolled in the Engineering Pathway at the Ann Richards School, where we attend. I will be matched with a mentor from the WTS group according to my expressed interests in the field of transportation.

The mentors, all professional woman with experience in the field of transportation, have received background checks through Austin Partners in Education and have undergone a mentorship orientation at Ann Richards. Me as a student will meet a mentor once per month from December to May during lunch/advisory period and or afterschool. The mentor will be available for online communication via email throughout the semester. Here will be able to ask questions or seek advice on academics or careers to transportation of the STEM disciplines more broadly. I am really excited for this opportunity the pathway has offered. Thank you for your time. And enjoy our updates on the project 🙂Transportation_YOU


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